Advanced Heating & Cooling offers a full range of heating & cooling services to answer every type of weather condition, bringing perfect comfort to every type of home. If you've never considered air conditioning because your residence lacks the necessary ductwork, we can help. A quiet, energy efficient mini-split system is a convenient and elegant solution. If you're in the market for a new furnace but are without a natural gas source, we install environmentally friendly, Energy Star-qualified propane options and oil furnaces.

At Advanced Heating & Cooling, we're proud of our years of service to the Morgantown area and look forward to helping you with your air conditioning and heating needs. We're pleased to serve both residential and commercial customers; our team is prepared to help you with the sales, service, and installation of the comfort system that is ideal for your home or business. And be sure to ask Advanced Heating & Cooling for a free estimate. Whether it's a new installation or routine service, our factory-trained technicians provide the expertise your comfort depends on.

For any issues with Indoor Air Quality in Morgantown, WV and Oakland, MD, Advanced Heating & Cooling is the right call to make. We address problems with excess humidity, overly dry environments, airborne allergens, unpleasant odors, and much more. Family owned, we recognize that generic strategies aren't effective. By taking the time to listen to your concerns and complete thorough testing, we personalize our recommendations and achieve sustainable improvement. As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, Advanced Heating & Cooling offers a wide selection of whole-home options.

Advanced Heating & Cooling upholds exacting standards of expertise to maintain qualification as a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer. We take pride in offering our customers the leading innovations for heating, cooling, and air quality on the market. Let us introduce you to the Carrier Infinity Series and take advantage of Energy Star rated, smart heating/cooling systems which automatically adapt to changing demands. You're in control, whether you're at home or half a world away. Lower utility bills and fresher, cleaner breathing air are just the start.

Let Advanced Heating & Cooling put our extensive resources and dedicated professionals to work for you. We focus on unmatched return from your investment into temperature control. Contact us at (304) 906-4478 for air conditioner installation or upgrades in Morgantown, WV and Oakland, MD and we'll deliver an exceptional end result. Upholding qualification as a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, our NATE-certified team is held to strict criteria for training and expertise. We keep up with the latest innovations and follow proven sizing/installation processes.

Ductless technology offers a straightforward solution to ideal, year-round comfort in Morgantown, WV and Oakland, MD. You don't need to drain the budget, tear into walls, live with a mess, or sacrifice space or aesthetics. Compact and versatile, ductless split systems accommodate temperature control for any size, age, or layout of home and manage a single room or many. Simply call Advanced Heating & Cooling at (304) 906-4478 for ductless heat pump or air conditioning system designed and installed to perfectly suit your needs.

Having concerns with your heating system? Don't hesitate to call Advanced Heating & Cooling at (304) 906-4478 for furnace repair anywhere across Morgantown, WV and Oakland, MD. Family owned, we recognize the disruption caused by even minor issues. If neglected, the slightest problem can quickly graduate into excessive energy waste, safety hazards, health threats, discomfort, and even complete system failure. Let's restore peak operation and save you time, money, and aggravation. As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, the NATE-certified team from Advanced Heating & Cooling is kept updated in all styles of heating equipment and the latest technical innovations.

Unhappy with the performance of your cooling system? Don't wait. Contact Advanced Heating & Cooling at (304) 906-4478 right away. Family owned, we specialize in solving problems for our clients across Morgantown, WV and Oakland, MD. We've seen firsthand the greater damage caused by even minor issues with cooling equipment. While comfort and air quality diminishes, energy consumption, operational sounds, and utility bills steadily rise. You could even be faced with total system failure. No matter your concerns with your air conditioner, Advanced Heating & Cooling restores peak performance.

Your water heater is an important part of your everyday life. Running short of hot water, energy waste, lack of pressure, or any problems with operation are a huge disruption and can add up to major expenses. Don't hesitate to call Advanced Heating & Cooling at (304) 906-4478 for a complete list of water heating services in Morgantown, WV and Oakland, MD. Family owned, we prioritize the value of your investment and answer with exceptional products and job performance. Are you in need of water heater installation?

Want to learn more about how you can save money and get the peace of mind of a HVAC service agreement? With current concerns for airborne viruses causing illnesses, we can help improve the air quality in your home with products like; UV Lights, Air Purifiers, Upgraded Air Filters. Contact us for a FREE consultation.

Take advantage of a Maintenance Agreement from Advanced Heating & Cooling and let us maximize the value of your cooling system. Our NATE-certified professionals complete an extensive task list to optimize the operation of each and every component. Through timely troubleshooting, we identify and resolve concerns to avoid malfunction. We focus on the reliability of your air conditioning and ensure cool comfort when you need it most. Why invest in a Maintenance Agreement? Services from Advanced Heating & Cooling pay for themselves.

Family owned and operated, Advanced Heating & Cooling values your satisfaction. When you call on us at (304) 906-4478 for a full range of plumbing services, we answer with highly trained and experienced professionals, equipped with leading-edge technology, to resolve every challenge quickly and effectively. We understand that any disruption with pipes, drains, water heaters, toilets, or any aspect of the essential plumbing system is an inconvenience, and often messy and damaging to property. Through prompt action and higher standards of job performance, we deliver results you can count on.

A Maintenance Agreement from Advanced Heating & Cooling optimizes the value of your heating system. Our NATE-certified technicians perform the essential tasks that keep every component working properly. With regular inspection, we catch and address any concerns and combat potential failure. We make sure your heater is operating at peak reliability when you need it the most. What can you expect from our Maintenance Agreement? Along with priority service across Morgantown, WV and Oakland, MD, you benefit from superior overall performance from all makes, models, and styles of heating equipment.

Advanced Heating & Cooling brings the benefits of hydronics to Morgantown, WV and Oakland, MD. Allergen-free and wonderfully energy efficient, boilers use water as a heat-transfer medium. Because water heats up faster and retains heat longer than air, a hydronic system offers operational cost savings of around 30%. There's no concerns with overly dry air, no unpleasant drafts, and no temperature fluctuations. A boiler operates silently, doesn't introduce dust into the home, and allows for easy set up of zone control.

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