At AAA Heating & Air we provide simple to understand home comfort Services and Products. We have done our best to make it as easy as possible to get the Healthy Home Comfort that you deserve. AAA Heating & Air is South Carolina's premier heating and air expert. With locations in both Lexington and Columbia, we service a wide radius, providing the best HVAC Home Comfort Services in the South Carolina Midlands as well as the surrounding area. With central heating and air systems becoming more and more affordable, AAA Heating & Air is offering amazing finance options that make it possible for everyone to own and repair their HVAC systems.

At AAA Heating & Air we provide a simple to understand home comfort product line up. For each of our four product lines we can provide repair, replacement, maintenance and newly installed services. So anything from Indoor Air Quality to full HVAC system replacements, we have got you covered. Never had an HVAC system in your home? We can design and install a new system for your home in as little as 3 days. Just need a simple equipment changeout? We can usually do this within 24 hours of estimate approval.

im soo happy i called this company! They scheduled an appt. for me after hours when i got off work they were there waiting for me and the ac guy Billy was professional and fast! i trust these people and i highly recommend them.afford able rate too!

Drip pan doesn't drain at all.have to go up and use towels and wring them out (every other day!) to keep it from overflowing. the ceiling is going to need replacing again.this happened after we got it installed three years ago.pan keeps overflowing. I can't afford $95 for every service call, or keep buckets in the kids room, or replace the ceilings again, and paint the walls where it has dripped down. so I wring towels every other day.crappy unit too.was just as cool before without a monthly payment.stil l have the high light bill. the better unit was supposed to be more efficient, we were told, was going to lower our electric bill. Bullcrap. the bill is just as high we still aren't cool and we have another bill monthly to boot.we do not recommend this company to anyone!

Love this company.excep tional staff. I highly recommend this company!

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Search for individuals ready to join one of the top rated HVAC companies is the SC Midlands. Searching for Technicians. Must have minimum of 5 years experience. Good driving record required. Must be able to pass a background check.

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Help needed. I am looking for a new grounds keeper/ handyman for AAA Heating & Air. Please read before you respond. Job includes a company truck and phone. Salary is very competitive. Candidates must have a good driving record, pass a background check, and good job history. Must have experience in landscaping, equipment operation and maintenance, carpenters skills and self motivation. Basically a jack of all trades. The perfect candidate will work directly with me on projects around the.

Posted on Nov 16, 2020  •  Facebook

Proud to be an American! We hope you all have a safe weekend. Our company is closed today and tomorrow in celebration of this Great Nation! God Bless America

Posted on Jul 04, 2020  •  Facebook

We have the best customers. Thak you for sharing your experience, Mr. Park! #customerreview #customerservice…

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HVAC Repairs by AAA Heating & Air, LLC

Posted on Feb 19, 2020  •  Twitter

#FridayFunny Maybe y'all should call AAA 😂

Posted on Jan 31, 2020  •  Twitter

The best way to end January is by reminding y'all that we're an A+ with the BBB!

Posted on Jan 30, 2020  •  Twitter

#TuesdayTip Take some time this month to reassess your thermostat settings. You can tell based off of your December…

Posted on Jan 28, 2020  •  Twitter

Y'all know we strive to be professional and punctual, so hearing it is great news. Thank you Lucy for calling AAA!…

Posted on Jan 22, 2020  •  Twitter

Has someone ever tried to explain HVAC systems to you and you just haven't understood? Check out our glossary of HV…

Posted on Jan 20, 2020  •  Twitter

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