As a distinguished Comfortmaker Dealer, we are able to offer West Virginia's most advanced HVAC systems! Our team will perform an in-home consultation and design a customized system to keep your family comfortable all year long! New technological advancements keep your home more comfortable, more efficient, and safer. Our new WiFi thermostats constantly monitor your HVAC system and allow you to change the temperature from your smartphone! Richards Heating & Air Conditioning is your answer to the summer heat.

Richards Heating & Air Conditioning is locally owned and operated by Joe Richards and located in Jane Lew, WV. Richards Heating & Air Conditioning began operation in 2000. We specialize in installation and service of all heating and air conditioning equipment. Richards Heating & Air Conditioning specializes in turning our customer's heating and cooling needs into reality. Our staff has professional heating & air conditioning experience and extensive knowledge of residential and commercial needs.

In the Jane Lew area, those winter nights can be cold. Shivering in your sleep, waking up to an ice cold home is not only unpleasant, but also unnecessary. When you're faced with a breakdown, whatever the time of day or night, you need quick, reliable service. Call Richards Heating & Air Conditioning. Trust us to get you back to warm and cozy without long waits and outrageous expense. We have the experience and knowledge to evaluate your system, isolate the problem and complete repairs on the spot.

The cool comfort of an air conditioned home is the perfect solution to the Jane Lew heat. Once you've invested in a home cooling system, you rely on it for everything from a relaxing afternoon to a good night's sleep. A breakdown is more than an inconvenience, especially when it happens in the middle of the night. But there's no need to wait for morning. Call Richards Heating & Air Conditioning for timely and professional air conditioning repair. As a Comfortmaker dealer, Richards Heating & Air Conditioning meets strict requirements for liability coverage, EPA certifications, warranties, product training, installation and repair procedures.

Have you ever considered the benefits of air conditioning your home? It's not just about cool relief on a hot sticky day. It's not only the satisfaction of a good night's sleep. A home cooling system improves your Indoor Air Quality and controls humidity levels. And because of the latest developments in the HVAC industry, today's models are more efficient than ever. Call Richards Heating & Air Conditioning and we'll happy to discuss the many options available. We bring our customers the most popular brands, with the latest technology and features, at affordable prices.

You want a furnace to keep your home warm and toasty in the winter, without paying high utility bills. You want quiet, dependable comfort for years to come. And you expect a warranty with extended coverage of parts and labor. That's a lot to ask, but no more than you deserve. Richards Heating & Air Conditioning is a distinguished Comfortmaker dealer, bringing our customers the very best solutions in home heating and cooling. When heating your home, cost is probably the biggest concern. Fifty percent of the average home utility bill is due to heating and cooling.

Richards Heating & Air Conditioning supplies the pleasure of warm floors to a long list of happy customers. Radiant Floor Heating will change your life. Not only will you enjoy the comfort of warm feet, you'll be able to lower the temperature of your thermostat and save money on utility bills. When your feet are warm, your whole body feels warm. You'll ask less of your furnace, resulting in increased equipment longevity, a significantly decreased workload, and considerable savings. This savings makes Radiant Floor Heating more affordable than ever.

It's time to set up a maintenance plan for your furnace. Don't procrastinate. The process is simple, and once you've invested in heating equipment, a service plan is your best investment. You'll prevent over fifty percent of heating repairs, improve efficiency, increase your system's longevity, and save a significant amount of money. Call Richards Heating & Air Conditioning. Our courteous technicians will schedule a preventative maintenance plan that is both affordable and convenient. During the West Virginia winter, your furnace is what makes your home feel like home.

Annual maintenance is an absolute must for your home cooling system. Many people neglect to schedule service, figuring that if their equipment seems to be working, its OK. But like any piece of equipment we rely on, your air conditioner grows less dependable without evaluation by trained professionals. An annual tune-up assures better performance levels and saves you money. Richards Heating & Air Conditioning services all makes and models of cooling equipment, regardless of age or condition. For HVAC service in and around Jane Lew, Richards Heating & Air Conditioning is the right choice.

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