Heating and cooling our homes today is easy. So easy, in fact, that we rarely give any thought to the processes. However, our heating and cooling devices deserve more attention as neglecting them can end up being quite costly. Your HVAC system is a valuable an investment that can yield many years of great performance with the right care. If you are concerned that taking care of your heating and cooling systems is expensive or time-consuming, consider that you will lose more without regular upkeep.

Started in 1982 by T. Campbell, Custom/Design Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. is a full-service home and commercial HVAC contractor. While we are more than capable of handling various types of heating and air conditioning projects, our team specializes in residential installation, repairs, and service. By concentrating our efforts, we can provide you with better, more efficient service. We offer both residential and commercial HVAC services. From routine maintenance and major repairs to estimates and replacement HVAC systems, we find a solution that makes the most sense for your individual needs.

Because an AC unit is a significant commitment to your family's comfort, a quality AC installation is essential. If you need installation services, call on the professionals at Custom/Design Heating & Air Conditioning. A faulty installation is often the culprit behind inefficient operation and many AC failures. At Custom/Design Heating & Air Conditioning, you won't have to wonder about your installation's quality. Our NATE-certified technicians have years of hands-on experience installing AC units.

When it comes to safeguarding your heating and cooling system, Custom/Design Heating & Air Conditioning takes pride in offering personalized attention and technical support to our customers. Our goal is to make sure your HVAC system runs efficiently, consistently and economically, which is why we encourage home and business owners to explore the advantages of a HVAC maintenance agreement with Custom/Design Heating & Air Conditioning. HVAC problems can critically affect the daily operation of your company and the comfort of your family.

If your air conditioner acts up - or even worse, conks out - on an 80-degree day, there's no need to panic. Custom/Design Heating & Air Conditioning provides AC repair services that deliver the sweet relief that comes with an efficient AC system. When the heat and humidity arrive in the Fredericksburg area, there's no such thing as a minor air conditioner malfunction. Because your home should be an oasis, not a sauna, we're standing by to help when you need air conditioning repair. We offer round-the-clock AC repair, so we'll always quickly respond when you have an emergency.

For over 30 years, Custom/Design has been fabricating duct work in our 4,000 square foot sheet metal shop. Using our high tech tools of the trade (like our plasma table, hydraulic brake, and Lockformer Pittsburgh and Cleatformer machines to name a few) gives us the advantage of producing quality, "custom" duct work. Many new construction homes call for special size duct work and fittings for their unique floor plans. Custom/Design is in a position to accommodate these special requirements, saving time and offering a more cost effective installation.

An HVAC system that works efficiently and provides reliable comfort throughout the years is not just reserved for wishful thinking. Custom/Design Heating & Air Conditioning can make all your HVAC needs a reality. We like to set ourselves apart from other HVAC repair contractors by offering meaningful and personalized HVAC service. When you contact us, we take the time not only to understand your current HVAC problems, but we also look at ways we can optimize overall HVAC comfort and efficiency. When you partner with Custom/Design Heating & Air Conditioning for your heating, cooling and ventilation needs, you can expect a professional relationship throughout all aspects of service.

The winter months bring images of curling up in front of a cozy fire or enjoying delicious, warm beverages with family and friends. Whether you are using firewood or a furnace, there are many factors you must consider as you try to keep your home warm and comfortable. As you focus on efficient heating over the cold winter months, don't forget about its relation to indoor air quality. When heating your home, you have many options, but in choosing a contractor who takes a personal stake in your comfort and safety, there's none like Custom/Design Heating & Air Conditioning.

Hard work, years of experience and an emphasis on customer satisfaction have earned Custom/Design Heating & Air Conditioning an outstanding reputation as your local contractor serving Fredericksburg and the surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on delivering solutions that fit your budget, stay on budget and stay within your time frame. A commercial heating and cooling system that you can trust requires three things: quality equipment, proper installation, and correct sizing. Our factory-trained installation technicians install your system quickly, proficiently and according to local building codes and manufacturers' instructions.

Walking into a cool home with fresh, clean air is certainly a welcomed respite after even just a few minutes in the heat and humidity outdoors. However, that reprieve might not be possible if your air conditioning system is not functioning as it should. Many factors can affect your air conditioner's performance, and when you need air conditioning service, it is important to have the right company on your side. Let Custom/Design Heating & Air Conditioning take care of all your HVAC needs in Fredericksburg, King George, Caroline, and Locust Grove, VA.

All heating and cooling equipment - whether they are heavily, lightly or hardly used - will require servicing to stay in optimal condition. This is particularly the case for your HVAC components that are expected to take you through harsh winters and blazing hot summers. The unpredictable and fluctuating weather and temperatures can take a toll on your system. When you need HVAC services like air conditioning repair and qualified home heating contractors, Custom/Design Heating & Air Conditioning is just a phone call away.

We are so thankful for them! They were able to come out the same day and repair our A/C. They were prompt, quick with their diagnostic and repair, and VERY reasonable with their rates! Thank you, Bruce!

Professional group that takes care of their customers needs. I will always recommend them as the best choice.

Have had lots of different companies service my heat pumps but no one has made me feel better about their work and their concern for my budget. The technician worked incredibly hard to clean and service an old air handler that another company wanted me to replace at an exponentially higher price. Wonderful people. Custom/Design has a loyal customer in me.

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