Whether it is summer or winter, the factory-trained professionals at Blaze Air, Inc have got your back. We are the leading company in and around Winston-Salem when it comes to air conditioner repair and installation, heating system installation, air quality control, and comprehensive maintenance inspections. Customers count on us to keep their indoor climate comfortable throughout any season, and they keep coming back because they only want the best in friendly, proficient, and cost-effective services.

At Blaze Air, Inc we take great pride in providing expert cooling services to customers throughout High Point and the surrounding communities. Through inspections, repairs, and brand-new installations we are here to ensure that you remain absolutely content inside your home or building throughout those hot summer months. We only use top-of-the-line products and offer the best warranties in the business in order for us to confidently say that you will get years of continued use out of your cooling equipment.

We hope that you have already scheduled a maintenance inspection for your heating system so you can be confident that it with fight back against another winter with full force, but if you haven't it is time to call the team of professionals at Blaze Air, Inc. Hopeful your heating system is functioning just fine, but if repairs are needed to promptly resolve the issue we are happy to help. Unfortunately, in some cases repairs will not solve the problem and a more efficient unit will need to be installed.

Offering customized service agreements for all brands of equipment - residential or commercial, we are your Stokesdale heating experts at (336) 788-3322. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured and we have been in business since 1979. We know that heating it takes up the largest percentage of energy use in your home. It's important to have someone in your corner who realizes that the type of heating system you install has a significant impact on energy costs. At Blaze Air, Inc we can help you choose wisely to ensure superior comfort.

The cold North Carolina wind can bite right through your coat some days in Rural Hall. Make sure this year's cold snap never enters your home with Blaze Air, Inc We're located in the Piedmont Triad so we know the good people of Rural Hall. We can help combat the cold by supplying you with honest advice, old-fashioned customer service and the best technicians in the Triad. Geothermal heating systems are comfortable and energy efficient - they also use a renewable resource that can last indefinitely.

Without an efficient cooling system your home or commercial property would be very uncomfortable when the hot summer air sets in. That is why the caring professionals at Blaze Air, Inc offer top-of-the-line installations, expert repairs, and thorough maintenance programs. It is our job to ensure that each and every customer throughout Walkertown and the surrounding communities continue to take full advantage of an optimally functioning air conditioner. Our Specialists even provide free estimates, financing options, and the best warranties in the business in order to guarantee your complete satisfaction.

At one time cooling systems were considered just a luxury, but now they have become essential in every home and building. It is important to remain comfortable during every season and when the warm weather arrives, a fully functioning air conditioner is what you need. At Blaze Air, Inc. our licensed professionals have years of experience servicing all makes and models, and it is our job to ensure that you continue to take advantage of a high quality and efficient AC system. Offering free estimates on all installations, cost-effective repairs, and comprehensive maintenance programs we are able to guarantee complete indoor climate control during every season.

Customers in and around Lexington trust the cooling specialists at Blaze Air, Inc to keep them comfortable during those hot North Carolina summers. Home and commercial property owners alike can take advantage of our free estimates and expert services that will ensure a longer lasting air conditioning system. It is important to make sure that your AC unit is operating at peak performance before the warm weather arrives, which is why we encourage all of our customers to schedule a maintenance examination at least once a year.

Get professional Pfafftown AC repair, installation and replacement when you call (336) 788-3322 today. Fast, affordable service and free estimates. Just explain the situation when you call and we will send one of our experts out to take control of the situation. When your air conditioner is broken and the house is starting to heat up, the only thing on your mind is getting that cool air flowing again. It's important to have access to a high quality HVAC team, but you also need a service provider that's known for exceptional customer service.

When it's hot outside your home or commercial property suffers too, that is why it is so important to have an effective air conditioning system to cool you down. At Blaze Air, Inc we are here to help all of our valued customers throughout Kernersville and the surrounding areas to maintain complete control over their interior climate. How do we do this? By offering expert repair and replacement services, as well as comprehensive maintenance inspections in order to ensure that your system continues to operate at maximum efficiency throughout each season.

Find dependable Rural Hall AC repair, installation and replacement when you call (336) 788-3322 today. We offer free estimates and fast, affordable service. Being a family owned and operated company since 1979 has taught us some very important lessons. Perhaps the most important is that quality customer service is the most important aspect of HVAC service, most of the time. When a technician is punctual, answers your questions, respects your property and doesn't try to add on extra fees, it makes a customer feel special, and they will come back in the future.

When you have work done on your air conditioning system, you want the problem fixed properly, but that's only part of the equation. If you leave the experience feeling like you were taken advantage of, or the technician wasn't friendly and courteous, chances are you won't go back. We offer satisfaction guarantees to take care of the technical service, and we have a proven record for exceptional customer service. It's part of the reason we've been going strong since 1979. Most homeowners will try to get as much out of their current AC system as they possibly can, but there always comes a time when the arguments fade away and getting a new system is just the way it has to be.

Winter is on its way, but before it arrives you need to have your heating system professionally inspected by the specialists at Blaze Air, Inc Our experienced technicians take great pride in helping home and commercial property owners throughout Thomasville and the surrounding areas to remain in complete control over their interior climate. We do this by offering expert system repairs, brand-new installations, and comprehensive maintenance programs that surpass our competition. If you are looking for affordable prices and friendly service from highly skilled professionals, trust the conscientious staff at Blaze Air, Inc.

Summer is almost here and you need an efficient air conditioning system to combat hot outdoor temperatures. It is always a good idea to have your unit inspected before the start of the season to determine that it is in tiptop shape and will not be needing any repairs. However, if issues are present the licensed professionals at Blaze Air, Inc will make sure that the situation is effectively resolved so you do not have to deal with an uncomfortable home or building. Proudly serving customers throughout Thomasville and the surrounding communities we are here to guarantee low prices, top-of-the-line equipment, and your complete satisfaction on every job that we perform.

It's time to fight the winter and the licensed heating professionals at Blaze Air, Inc are here to help you do it. We have been providing expert services to customers throughout Kernersville and the surrounding areas for years. All of our clients are encouraged to schedule a comprehensive maintenance inspection before the cold weather arrives, and if for some reason anything is wrong with your heating system we will quickly administered the necessary repairs. If you want or need to install a new unit, we can assist you in choosing the best model for the particular needs of you and your property.

Summerfield is situated in the beautiful Piedmont region of North Carolina in an area of wooded countryside and elegant residential neighborhoods. If you live in one of those neighborhoods, look out for our Blaze Air, Inc trucks and don't be shy about asking us anything. We employ the friendliest and most knowledgeable people in the HVAC business and we can't wait to get started on your heating project. It's an HVAC fact - and a fact of life - that proper heater maintenance is vitally important to your home and its comfort level.

It can get pretty cold during the winter in North Carolina, which is why you need a company you can trust to provide expert heating services in the Greensboro community. At Blaze Air, Inc our licensed professionals have decades of experience installing, maintaining, and repairing every type of heating system there is. We want all of our customers to be able to take advantage of maximum indoor climate control, which is why we offer free estimates, only the best equipment, and even financing options that will lessen the financial stress of having to pay for your unit all at once.

Do you need an expert to come out and diagnose your AC problem? Call (336) 788-3322 today for Summerfield AC repair, installation and replacement you can trust. Although it's rarely a life threatening situation, having your air conditioning system break down when the temperatures outside are soaring can be very unsettling. The air feels thick and humid and the heat seems to get trapped inside your house with no way to escape. Having access to a respected, high quality HVAC company will allow you to make a call right away and get the service you need to fix the problem and get the cool air flowing once again.

Summer is approaching and you decide to switch on your air conditioner only to find that it is not working properly. Panic sets in and you start thinking about the whole ordeal of calling in a contractor and how much it is going to cost to fix it. Maybe you will even need to replace the entire unit, which is way more than you can afford right now. However, at Blaze Air, Inc we offer great rates on repairs, installations, and replacements, and even provide free estimates and financing options to help take the stress out of the situation.

When you are looking for expert heating services put your trust in Blaze Air, Inc Our experienced professionals have been helping customers throughout Lewisville and the surrounding communities to maintain maximum control over their interior climate for years. Whether you are scheduling an inspection or looking to repair or replace an old heating system we have got you covered. Your safety and comfort are our top priorities, which is why we only install the best equipment and even offer 24/7 emergency services in the event that you are faced with a situation that just can't wait for normal business hours.

Winter is approaching and it is time to get your heating system checked out. At Blaze Air, Inc we have been maintaining, repairing, and installing new heaters for years. It is our distinct pleasure to ensure that each and every customer throughout High Point and the surrounding communities will continue to remain safe and content inside their home or commercial property. Whether you need to replace a damaged or outdated furnace, are interested in a geothermal heating system, or require a yearly inspection to ensure the continued efficiency of your current unit, our licensed professionals are here to help.

If any part of your heating system is over ten years old, it could probably do with a maintenance call - if not a full replacement. There is not much chance of it putting out the heat that it used to - and it is most definitely not running as well as a new one could. If your heating system has never been serviced - and it's over ten years old - then it may seem expensive to change it, but believe us, the money will come back to you in savings pretty quick. The energy-efficient heaters that we can install at Blaze Air, Inc are capable of providing previously unheard of fuel efficiency and filtering technology that can keep your indoor air free of dust and allergens.

Our Pfafftown heating specialists always arrive on time with a fully stocked van. The great Chinese philosopher Confucius once said, "Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure". We agree with him at Blaze Air, Inc and we will always ask the right questions before we turn up at your home so as to save you time and money and deliver the best service possible. We carry only the highest quality replacement parts, and all the tools to make the job go as smooth as can be.

To deliver superior heating and cooling service with an unmatched client experience, resulting in the highest levels of respect from our community and a rewarding environment for our employees to succeed. Never accepting past performance as good enough: but continuing to strive for new levels of excellence. Family owned and operated, always maintain our ethical standards with customers, suppliers, and employees; and always do the Right Thing. Blaze Air, Inc strives to be the premier HVAC service provider setting high unmatched standards for all service providers - providing quality, value, and customer satisfaction.

When the cold weather is on its way you need a company you can trust to provide you with expert heating services in your home or commercial property. At Blaze Air, Inc we are happy to offer our repair, installation, and maintenance services to all of our valued customers throughout King and the surrounding communities. It is our guarantee that you will continue to remain in complete control over your interior climate and enjoy maximum comfort inside your home or building. At Blaze Air, Inc customer satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

We are situated in a part of North Carolina that experiences four distinct seasons. Many of the homes in North Carolina are heated with electricity so heat pumps are perfect adjuncts to their existing heating systems. A heat pump is an electrically powered unit that extracts heat from one place and transfers it to another. Heat pumps are not a particularly new technology - refrigerators and air conditioners are both common examples. Heat pump efficiency is measured with the heating rating system (HSPF) or the Heating Seasonal Performance Factor.

An air handler is a vital component inside your heating, ventilation, and cooling system that ensures that air is pushed out of your unit at the proper rate. Without an air handler you would be likely to experience hot and cold areas around your home or commercial property. To assure that your residence or building is evenly heated or cooled our company offers expert air handler services to all of our customers throughout Winston-Salem and the surrounding communities. Our friendly professionals are always willing to help, which is why we are open 7 days a week and will work up until 8pm with no overtime fees.

At Blaze Air, Inc we are here to make sure that each and every customer throughout King and the surrounding communities continues to remain cool and comfortable inside their home or commercial property. We offer free estimates on all cooling system installations and even provide financing options to fit any budget. We also encourage customers to take advantage of our comprehensive maintenance programs, as it will help to extend the life of your air conditioning unit. 7 days a week from 8am to 8pm we are at your service and do not charge any overtime fees, and in the event of any emergency you can call us anytime day or night.

Another form of heat that can be used for a home or commercial property comes from a boiler. Through the utilization of hot water and a series of pipes that can either be delivered to a central system or used in radiant floor heating, customers can rely on this unit to keep them safe and comfortable during the wintertime. At Blaze Air, Inc we offer a number of advanced boilers to choose from and can provide you with a free estimate before installing the system that is right for you. Our licensed professionals are also trained to handle any boiler problem there is, so if you are experiencing an issue with your current system, we can come out and determine what will be the most cost-effective method of repair.

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