We are dedicated to serving the heating, cooling and indoor air quality needs of both residential and light commercial customers within the Asheville, North Carolina area. Our unique position as both a provider of heating, cooling and indoor air quality solutions as Smoky Mountain Heating & Air coupled with Asheville Oil Company's fuel oil and propane delivery capabilities make us Western North Carolina's one-stop source for quality indoor comfort. We are recognized as a Dave Lennox Premium Dealer and represent the Lennox brand of heating and cooling equipment.

While we didn't have much of a winter around Asheville and Western North Carolina, Spring is now in full swing as evidenced by the pollen coating seemingly everything. With the longer days and warmer weather, I'm sure a lot of folks are thinking about spring cleaning around their house. While there are various origins of spring cleaning according to Wikipedia, there are two most likely for folks in the US adopting the practice. One because it was warm enough to open the windows and let the wind remove the dust in the time before vacuum cleaners, and the other to clean the soot from the coal furnace off the walls and furniture when it was done for the season.

If you're wondering how to choose an A/C replacement to maximize your investment and boost comfort, you've come to the right place. With expert advice, you'll find out the three critical steps involved with choosing a cooling system, leaving no stone unturned. The process includes selecting an efficiency rating, and sizing and installing the system. The first step in knowing how to choose an A/C replacement involves learning about efficiency ratings. A system developed by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA), seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) shows the relationship between energy input and cooling output.

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First freezing temperatures are coming this weekend! Here are some suggestions to check if you have no heat before having to place an emergency service call.

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Happy Meow-lloween from our office cats Mommie, Joe and Pedro!! They hope yours includes lots of treats! (Especially since they are on a bit of a treat hiatus...)

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Joe and Mommie exhausted from their busy work week... They are ready for a nice, relaxing weekend. Hope yours is as well! #officecats

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