TKC" stands for "The King's Company". Based on Biblical principles, the Elias' believe that their company, as with the rest of their life, should be in line with God's standards and desire for their lives. Mike and his sons started TKC because of his strong desire to see customers treated fairly and honestly. Together they have over 35 years experience. Contact us today to discuss options for system replacement, maintenance or solutions for your home's indoor air quality. TKC Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC is a customer focused heating and air-conditioning company that was originally started in 2005.

Call TKC Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC for furnace repair and replacements, professional air duct cleaning, ventilation problems, and heat pump repair or furnace cleaning and seasonal safety inspections. We are your complete Home Air Comfort Specialists. Call the HVAC Specialists, TKC Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC today for high efficiency furnace installations that will keep you and your family in low cost, eco-friendly comfort all year!

The King's Company offers the broadest array of boiler systems in the area. Whether you need service on a traditional American made Cast Iron gas boilers, or want the latest high efficiency gas boiler systems installed, we have the experience and support necessary to help you make the right choice. The fastest growing segment in hydronics today is high efficiency modulating water boilers. Based on technology first used in Europe and the Far East, these products are generally light weight, space saving, and utilize advanced control and operating systems.

A duct-free system, also known as a "split" air conditioner system, is made up of or includes two units: an indoor unit to deliver conditioned air to the room, and an outdoor unit to remove heat collected from the space. The compact refrigerant lines run between the two units. The system eliminates the need for ductwork. Duct-free systems are not just ideal for older homes that have no ductwork and room additions, but also in rooms that just never seem to be the right temperature and are never comfortable.

This is a family owned business that has been wonderful to deal with, over the years. Top not work and great customer service.

Great family-run business that cares about you and adheres to a policy of honesty and integrity. They were able to come out the same day I called and had the problem fixed within an hour!

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