When you have an issue with your furnace or air conditioner, it creates an uncomfortable or even dangerous situation. Our team of NATE certified technicians at Albemarle Heating & Air is here to make sure that your HVAC system is working effectively and efficiently. We have the training and experience necessary to work on all makes and models of heating and cooling systems. Since 1988, we have been focused on making sure that each of our customers receives superior help. We proudly serve Albemarle, Fluvanna, Louisa, Nelson, Augusta, Madison, Greene, and Orange counties, as well as all of the surrounding areas.

Albemarle Heating & Air recommends our Energy Saving Agreement (ESA) maintenance program for heating equipment. Regular maintenance visits improve energy efficiency, reduce operating costs, and maximize the lifespan of your heater so you can avoid premature heater replacement. All heater maintenance in Charlottesville is performed by our professionally trained and certified technicians. Start enjoying greater comfort, better heating system performance, and lower energy bills in Albemarle, Fluvanna, Louisa, Nelson, Augusta, Madison, Greene, and Orange counties.

A properly functioning heater is essential for comfort in the winter. When you need a heating system for new construction, an addition, or to replace your old, inefficient system, call Albemarle Heating & Air. We offer HVAC repair in Charlottesville as well as installation for new construction, home additions, renovations, and replacements. We offer a variety of heating systems to provide the right solution for every home, including furnaces, heat pumps, boilers and geothermal systems. Regardless of the type of system you choose, it is important to make sure it is properly sized.

Do you need a new air conditioning system? Albemarle Heating & Air offers professional AC installation in Charlottesville and neighboring communities with the best quality equipment from the top brands in the industry. We are members of the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA), have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and an excellent reputation among our customers. Whether your old air conditioner is dead or you want to upgrade for better comfort and lower utility bills, advances in technology offer increased efficiency, comfort, and performance than equipment manufactured just a few years ago.

Lack of maintenance can lead to sudden and unexpected equipment breakdown, poor performance, and higher utility bills. At Albemarle Heating & Air, we recommend an Energy Savings Agreement (ESA) for your heating and air condition equipment. We offer residential and commercial maintenance agreements to keep your home or business cool and comfortable all season long. Regularly scheduled maintenance will maximize efficient operation, extend useful life, and allow or technicians to monitor wear and tear and address potential problems before you incur a major expense.

When the heat suddenly goes out, your home will quickly grow cold, putting the comfort and safety of your family at risk. Contact the professionals at Albemarle Heating & Air for heating repair in Charlottesville. We are ready to respond to your call and solve virtually any problem with your residential or light commercial heating equipment. Our technicians are professionally trained, experienced, and highly skilled at diagnosing repair issues. We are equipped to quickly assess heating equipment to identify the source of the problem, so you can rest assured that we will detect the problem with your system.

Mini-split systems offer consistent comfort and energy efficient operation. If you want air conditioning in a home or addition without ducts, call Albemarle Heating & Air. Our skilled technicians install mini-split systems in Charlottesville. We offer free in-home estimates to help you find the best option to satisfy any heating or cooling need. Installing central air conditioning is difficult and expensive in homes without ducts. Many homeowners find a cost-effective solution with mini-split systems in Charlotte.

Our skilled team is proud to install and service the full range of Trane products for our customers. Trane offers a comprehensive range of top-of-the-line products to fit residential and commercial applications of all kinds, including heat pumps, air conditioners, ductless units, geothermal units, and more. With our help, you can choose the product that is right for your needs and budget. Then, as certified Trane Comfort Specialist™ dealers, we can perform flawless installation services and preventive maintenance to keep it in excellent working condition for years to come.

Many different companies manufacture heating and air conditioning equipment. Albemarle Heating & Air is an authorized dealer for some of the industry's top brands. We offer a wide variety of residential and commercial heating and air conditioning products in Charlottesville to provide a safe, comfortable, and healthy environment for you and your family or employees. We have carefully selected the companies to work with, based on the quality, reliability, and dependability of their equipment. We offer a full range of heating, air conditioning, and home comfort products in Charlottesville from Trane, Daikin, Waterfurnace, Mitsubishi, and other reputable brands.

In the heat of the summer, your air conditioning system keeps your home cool and comfortable. There are more options than ever for air conditioning systems and updating your air conditioning system will reduce your utility bills. Albemarle Heating & Air offers quality air conditioners in Charlottesville from Daikin and Trane. At Albemarle Heating & Air, we offer the highest quality heating and air conditioning products from the best brands. We have chosen to provide quality air conditioning equipment from Daikin with a range of products to suit any home and budget.

The versatility of mini-split systems makes them ideal for air conditioning installation in spaces where installation of ductwork is not practical or cost prohibitive. Albemarle Heating & Air provides Mitsubishi and Daikin mini split systems in models that offer air conditioning and all in one heating and cooling systems. The biggest reason people choose mini-split systems in Charlottesville is a lack of ductwork in the home. Older home and those with furnaces and baseboard radiators may not have ducts and adding ducts may be expensive or impossible.

Heat pumps are extremely popular for heating and air conditioning in Virginia due to their versatility, energy efficiency, and ability to both heat and cool your home. Albemarle Heating & Air provides high-quality heat pumps in Charlottesville and expert service for installation, repairs, and maintenance. We are committed to providing industry-leading products to meet the unique needs of every home. For many people, one of the biggest benefits of heat pumps is the ability to both heat and cool your home with one system.

Are you concerned about the quality of the air in your home? Many studies have shown that indoor air is often dirtier than the air outdoors. Albemarle Heating & Air offers a variety of solutions for improving indoor air quality in Charlottesville. When you are ready to discuss your options, call (434) 226-7349 for a free estimate in your home. The air in your home can become contaminated from the air outdoors, dirty air from the ductwork, or any of a number of household chemicals and substances.

Albemarle Heating & Air provides commercial HVAC services in Charlottesville and throughout Albemarle County. We handle light commercial heating and air conditioning design and installation, repairs, and preventative maintenance. We are members of the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) and have earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Businesses throughout Albemarle County trust our professionals with everything from minor repairs to complete system design and installation.

Never having to pay full price for service again is just one of the benefits you'll receive when you enroll in our ESA Preventative Maintenance Program. You'll also receive two comprehensive precision tune-ups, which will help keep your heating and air conditioning system operating at peak efficiency. Each one of your comprehensive precision tune-ups will be performed by one of our professionally trained and certified technicians. With your semi-annual precision tune-ups, your equipment receives the preventative maintenance it needs to help provide you with year-round trouble-free operation with fewer repairs.

Albemarle Heating & Air was founded with one guiding principal, to make a difference in peoples' lives. We realize that our customers are often focused on their comfort as they simply want to stay cool on that hot summer day or remain warm on that cold winter night. The fact is that 90-93% of the air that you breathe in your home, or office, passes through the heating and cooling system. Coupled with the fact that your heating and cooling system is often the most expensive single system in your home or commercial building, it stands to reason that it is more important than simply keeping you warm or cool.

Our HVAC installers are responsible for conducting and completing replacement and installation services for customers around the greater Charlottesville area. This is an entry level position, which means no previous experience is required, but the ideal candidate will demonstrate a willingness to learn, listen, and work hard to improve. Ideal candidates will have exceptional verbal communication skills, an energetic personality, and positive attitude. All employment offers are contingent upon a pre-employment background check and drug screening.

Only the best of the best work for the largest and fastest growing HVAC Company in the Charlottesville area, Albemarle Heating & Air. We are seeking a dynamic Warehouse Shipping-Receiving Clerk to join our experienced team. We are seeking a team player who is interested in being part of a team of 80+ members committed to providing exceptional service. If you have the initiative we seek, a positive attitude, and a drive to grow, apply for this opportunity today. All candidates are required to undergo pre-employment drug screen and employment background checks.

Our entry level service technician is the best way for those without experience to learn on the job as well as get the training they need to start a career in the field of heating and cooling services. Qualified candidates are reliable, dedicated team players who are willing to listen, learn, and work hard to improve themselves and their skills. Candidates who already have a universal EPA certification and a certificate of completion from an HVAC technical school are ideal, but certification is not necessary.

The heating and cooling industry is growing, and homes everywhere need reliable, trustworthy technicians who can service their equipment when something goes wrong. At Albemarle Heating & Air, we not only provide these services, but a customer service experience that simply can't be matched anywhere else. We're committed to our community, and we're extremely proud of the growth that we've experienced over the last several years. As our business continues to grow, we're also growing our team and looking for qualified candidates to join us!

Our skilled team is dedicated to helping every customer get the professional help they need without breaking the bank. That is why we offer promotions and financing options to fit your budget. We have seasonal promotions for special financing. If you are interested in Trane or Daikin equipment and are interested in financing your new HVAC equipment, visit our special offers page to see how we can help. HVAC equipment is an investment in the health and comfort of your family, so we are always looking to make that investment as easy as possible.

Boilers release heat through radiators, infusing the room with heat from object to object, rather than through a vent. This creates a warmer and more comfortable atmosphere inside your home. If you are interested in a new boiler, need a repair, or require maintenance of your existing equipment, call Albemarle Heating & Air. Our expert technicians offer installation, repair, and maintenance of boilers in Charlottesville and surrounding areas. Call Albemarle Heating & Air at (434) 226-7349 for all your boiler service needs in Albemarle, Fluvanna, Louisa, Nelson, Augusta, Madison, Greene, and Orange counties.

Are you having a problem with your air conditioner? Don't suffer in the heat. The technicians at Albemarle Heating & Air guarantee same day Charlottesville AC repair service for maintenance plan members and offer it to other customers in Charlottesville. We repair all types of air conditioning equipment and heat pumps and work quickly to restore your home comfort. Our professionally trained, certified technicians are equipped for accurate diagnosis and AC repair in Charlottesville. We arrive at your home and evaluate your air conditioner or heat pump to locate the source of the problem.

Your heating and cooling equipment is important for not only your home's comfort but also for your safety. Without regular attention, the air your heating and cooling system produces cold seriously degrade in quality, and that has a massive impact on your life. Poor-quality air can have serious ramifications for your breathing, can make your hair and skin uncomfortable, and even give you a nasty cough, dry eyes, and plenty of other health issues. Producing this air is also incredibly inefficient-you could spend hundreds of additional dollars on energy every year when your system isn't running well.

Our sheet metal mechanics are responsible for assisting our repair and installation teams by building and installing duct systems in homes. Duties include designing new ductwork systems, repairing existing ones, and assisting with installing air handlers, exhaust fans, and much more. Ideal candidates will have experience, and be capable of working with ducts that are a variety of shapes and sizes. All employment offers are contingent upon a pre-employment background check and drug screening. Albemarle Heating & Air is a drug-free workplace.

Geothermal heat pump systems offer a clean energy solution and much lower operating costs, compared with conventional heating and cooling systems. The professionals at Albemarle Heating & Air offer design, installation, and service of geothermal systems in Charlottesville. By choosing us to install your new Waterfurnace geothermal system, you become eligible for the 30% tax credit that was reinstated back in February 2018. The tax credit runs through 2019 so be sure to take advantage while you can!

They worked very well around my busy schedule.fou nd out the problem quickly and it was promptly resolved. My friends recommend AH&A.They put my mind at ease. Yes I would give AH&A 2 thumbs up!

We had our first experience this week with Albemarle heating and Air. Their technician, Scott Hamner, was a true professional. He arrived on time on each of his two visits, kept his promises to expedite the new blower motor we needed and assure that its cost was covered under the manufacturer's warranty. Scott was immediately responsive whenever I contacted him, even calling me back during the evening when we discovered that the motor, which was still functioning after his initial visit, had stopped functioning shortly afterwards. He offered to arrange heaters (fortunately, the temperature was in the 60s) and suggested some tactics that I might try to coax the dead motor to spin. His work was fast and complete, and he restored our furnace completely--eve n to the point of replacing the duct tape on its access panels that are an element of our home's Energy Star rating.

Matt O. and Evan D. did a great job! "Professional" is the best word I can come up with to describe their work - on time every day, great communication and coordination (they changed out several systems for us), organized, efficient, courteous, etc. I had high expectations and they exceeded them! I can't think of any way the job could have gone any better.

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