NEW! ACDC12C - NO GRID CONNECTION REQUIRED during the daytime. As the sun goes down the solar air conditioner gradually transitions to AC grid power, if available. 12,000 BTU heating & cooling. Plug-N-Play MC4. Connects directly to three or more solar panels. Runs primarily on solar DC power and gets extra power, if needed and if available, from optional normal utility power. MORE INFO>>> For off-grid day/night 24 hr. Heat your swimming pool for free, and at the same time, increase the efficiency of your air conditioner up to 40%.

Our team of engineers has a deep background in solar and HVAC engineering. We have designed, developed and brought to market dozens of products over the years, most of our work has been as a developer of products for others to sell under their name, but we do produce and market certain products under the HotSpot brand. We have created literally dozens of solar thermal, PV and air conditioning solutions, filed patents, manufactured products, and we have a number of industry-first product claims under our belts.

The HotSpot FPH pool heater provides free pool heating by recycling the waste heat that your air conditioner throws away. Converts your AC into a hybrid geothermal system, saves up to 40% on air conditioning electric costs. The FPH pool heater is essentially a geothermal water-source upgrade for a standard air source air conditioner. This can allow the air conditioner to use less electricity and/or increase cooling capacity, and makes the AC very quiet because the outdoor fan unit does not need to run.

HotSpot offers specialty heating and cooling products that are different than what you find elsewhere. We offer AC/DC hybrid solar air conditioners, and all-DC solar air conditioners for off-grid and telecom applications. We offer small modular chillers for home, residential, small office, server room cooling, indoor agriculture, and other applications. We offer ultra-high efficiency PTACs, and portable air conditioners. We also deliver heat recovery water heating and pool heating solutions that work with virtually any brand, make or model of compressor from 1 ton up to 100 tons for coolers, freezers, air conditioners, and heat pumps.

HotSpot Energy Inc. produces and distributes solar collectors designed for solar pool heating. These American-made flat surface EPDM solar pool heating panels are ideal for seasonal residential, commercial, and municipal applications. These pool heaters are designed to work seamlessly with your existing pool pump, allowing for an easy, hassle-free installation and come with our Limited Lifetime Warranty. These residential or commercial solar pool heating panels are Buy American Compliant, SRCC tested, and are designed for exceptional lifespan and durability.

No need for pumps, tanks, glycol, water lines, controllers, drain-back systems, or plumbing issues that you find with other solar heating systems. This high-efficiency solar heater is a heat pump that provides 12,000 BTU of heat per hour, for pennies a day! And unlike typical solar space heating solutions, with the ACDC12 there is no wasted investment in the summer - this unit is also a high efficiency solar air conditioner! During the day the solar heater runs primarily on solar power and only uses only small amounts of power from the utility company as needed.

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