The professionals at East Cooper Heating and Air deliver the best heating and air conditioning services to our neighbors in the greater Charleston area. Servicing both residential and commercial clients, our NATE and Energy Star certified technicians can handle any repair, maintenance, or installation service on any brand of heating and cooling equipment. We service all the equipment that is already listed that includes systems by Rheem, Carrier, Bryant, Trane, Lennox, American Standard, York, Goodman, Ruud, and so many more.

Our Charleston HVAC company offers an array of comfort management services, including installation, service, and maintenance. Expect an East Cooper Heating and Air employee to arrive at your doorstep in uniform, on time, and ready to take on any HVAC challenge to ensure your needs are met. Each of our technicians are fully licensed and insured. Additionally, we conduct background checks on all of our employees and maintain a professional, drug-free workplace. As a family-owned and operated business, we maintain a level of customer service, unmatched by our competitors.

A new boiler offers environmental and safety advantages. Using less fuel and producing fewer toxic by-products of combustion, new boilers reduce the risk of carbon monoxide exposure within the home or business, and contribute to a cleaner external environment for us all. East Cooper Heating & Air can provide you with oil and gas boiler installation and boiler repair in Charleston whenever the need arises. Did you know that most old boilers operate at as little as 50% efficiency, and the average South Carolina home boiler in place today operates at only 60% efficiency?

At East Cooper Heating & Air, our professional Charleston furnace repair contractors will clean and inspect your furnace, make sure it is in good working order, and will also recommend any parts that will need to be serviced or replaced in the near future. If you are looking for a new furnace or a furnace replacement we can also help you with that. While it is important to choose a brand with a history of quality, performance, reliability, and customer satisfaction - the brand itself is not as important as the installation of the furnace.

Did you know that a quality air cleaner in Charleston will improve your indoor air quality, ensuring that the air you are breathing while indoors is clean and healthy? At East Cooper Heating & Air, we can install the best air cleaners, air purifiers, and air filtration systems that will remove harmful airborne contaminants from your indoor air. Since we spend the majority of your time indoors, our indoor air quality is an important factor to living a healthy lifestyle. Indoor air is up to 100 times more polluted than the outdoor air which is why a good Charleston air cleaner is necessary.

The humidity level in your Charleston, South Carolina needs to be balanced in order for your home to be comfortable. Too much humidity and your home's climate makes you feel sticky and clammy, while not enough humidity causes problems like drying woodwork and sinus infections or lung problems for occupants. With the right balance, the indoor air climate is healthy and comfortable, and your home's building materials (as well as your furnishings) are safe from either drying out or rotting. Too much humidity indoors harbors mold and mildew that can make you sick.

East Cooper Heating and Air is Charleston's leading HVAC company providing professional furnace replacement in Charleston and surrounding areas. We provide exceptional service, an unparalleled guarantee and competitive pricing to fit any of your heating and cooling needs. Based on hundreds of heating and cooling products, our team will recommend the right solution for your home or office. East Cooper Heating and Air only hires the most qualified and skilled installation technicians to install your new furnace in Charleston.

East Cooper Heating and Air is a leading Commercial HVAC Charleston Service Provider. Specializing in Preventive Maintenance, Full-System Replacement Installation and On-Demand Repairs, and Commercial air conditioning in Charleston, you can rest assured knowing we will meet and exceed all of your HVAC needs. Our team boasts some of the most experienced installation technicians and field-managers in the country. We are able to design projects specifically tailored to your needs. Each job is assigned a project manager, who ensures the project is executed precisely as designed.

Heat pumps in Charleston are a great addition for your South Carolina home comfort system. That's because a heat pump will work to provide you with both heating and cooling. Whether it's the hottest day of the summer, or the coldest day of winter, heat pumps work day in and day out to provide your family with premium comfort. By definition, a heat pump is a heating device which moves heat throughout a structure. Heat exists in all air at all temperatures down to "absolute zero" (-460F). In the winter, a heat pump draws heat from the outdoor air and circulates it through ducts into your South Carolina home.

Charleston air conditioners have become an essential part of many households and there are a variety of air conditioners available on the market for different prices, serving different purposes and under different brand names. Purchasing an AC unit is not at all difficult, owing to the many companies selling them these days. The tougher task is the installation once the unit has been purchased. Luckily, we offer air conditioning service in Charleston that guarantees proper ac installation each and every time, no matter the make, model or brand of air conditioning system.

Our team of Charleston heating contractors can handle any heating repair project and provide you with an updated energy efficient heating system. Just give us a call today for all your heating needs. First time heating installations in Charleston require a lot of work and knowledge. On top of creating a place for the heating unit, you must also install ductwork, registers, and the thermostat. Specific tools are needed to do this along with the knowledge of proper unit placement. If you would like to schedule heating maintenance or want more information on the benefits that it can provide you, contact our Charleston HVAC company today!

Do you know that, in summer, the average family pays about 40% of their energy bill for air conditioning of the house? But it doesn't have to be this way. If your air conditioner is not running at peak efficiency, you may need air conditioning repairs in Charleston. No matter what the issue, you can count on East Cooper Heating & Air to assess your unit and provide the necessary repairs which will restore it to efficient working order in no time. At East Cooper Heating & Air, our Charleston air conditioning service includes design, installation and maintenance of your centralized system for your home or office.

Many studies have proven that Charleston air conditioning units that are improperly installed reduce its capacity and efficiency by more than twenty percent. Incorrect airflow problems are another common problem with improper AC installations. When the temperature heats up outdoors, you depend on your air conditioning system to keep you cool indoors. Talk to our professional Charleston HVAC contractors today about our selection of quality air conditioning systems and our professional AC repair services.

When your Charleston heating system becomes old and inefficient, it is time to go through the hassle of replacement. Our heating contractors are typically recommended for both new and replacement installations due to the fact that they have a high amount of experience and the necessary tools for the job. Heating is an essential component of a home. It is also a very expensive home investment. Therefore, it makes more sense to make certain the task is done right the first time. Attempting to install your own unit can come with both safety and financial risks.

Annual air conditioner service is recommended by all manufacturers. With an annual check-up we will check all electrical connections, make sure that there is enough refrigerant in the system, check the condenser for proper airflow and also make sure that the blower inside is providing enough air flow over the evaporator. Please call for this air conditioning maintenance in Charleston and surrounding areas. One common issue with air conditioning systems in South Carolina is size. If the unit is too large it will not run long enough to remove the humidity, it will satisfy the thermostat but it will feel cool and damp, on the other had if the unit is too small it will run all day without being able to reach the thermostat set point.

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