Look no further than L.D. Swain & Son, Inc. when you are in need of excellent heating and air conditioning services. When you choose us, both your home and your wallet will thank you: our service and installation rates are highly competitive, and are often considerably lower than our peers'. Count on us to help you breathe easier using our different products. We provide a selection of indoor air quality products that are designed to purify the air you breathe, increasing your home's energy efficiency, and protecting you and your family from harmful airborne allergens.

At our heating and air conditioning company, we work tirelessly to perform our duties with honesty and integrity. We utilize our abundant expertise to install and service heating and cooling systems in all types of residential and light commercial applications. We pride ourselves on the proficiency of our knowledgeable employees, who are on a first-name basis with many of our loyal customers. Expect a personal and enjoyable experience when you work with our skillful staff. For your safety, we are licensed and insured in the state of North Carolina.

Count on our heating and air conditioning company to help you breathe easy in the comfort of your home. We sell, install, service, and maintain an extensive selection of indoor air quality products, including humidification, dehumidification, fresh air, and filtration equipment. Our humidification equipment maintains the proper level of humidity in your home. This saves you money on your energy bills by allowing you to lower your temperature in your home while maintaining the comfort level that you are used to.

Our experienced staff is here to meet your unique heating and cooling needs, whether your application is residential or light commercial. We sell, install, service, and maintain heating and air conditioning systems, including most equipment brands. Simply put, our heating and air conditioning company offers some of the most efficient equipment on the market today. We provide cooling systems with seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) ratings of up to 20.0, as well as gas heating systems with annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rates as high as 97%.

What's new?

Portable air conditioners are an ideal way to cool a room or small space during those hot summer months. These units are easier on the electric bill and smaller and lighter in size than built-in units, but are still highly effective at producing a comfortable room temperature.

Posted on Mar 04, 2021  •  Facebook

Willis Carrier, the father of modern air conditioning, developed a detailed model and useful reference chart that allowed him and future cooling engineers to quickly calculate cooling capacities based on humidity levels and heat transfer.

Posted on Mar 02, 2021  •  Facebook

With our indoor portable air-conditioner s, you will need to position it close enough to a window so the exhaust hose has an outlet that needs to be kept straight. When we deliver, we will help you find the best location for your needs.

Posted on Feb 25, 2021  •  Facebook

While it may seem as though skipping annual AC maintenance may help you save money, it’s not quite that simple. AC equipment can lose 5% efficiency for every year it goes without maintenance, increasing your electric bills.

Posted on Feb 23, 2021  •  Facebook

Fiber evaporative cooler pads are made of various materials including aspen wood shavings, cellulose fiber, and synthetic fiber. Of these, aspen wood is the most durable but it must be ordered in an exact size, while cellulose and synthetic can be cut to fit.

Posted on Feb 18, 2021  •  Facebook

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