We all depend on air conditioners, furnaces, and other HVAC systems to stay comfortable throughout the year. HVAC is important to your family, and our mission at Total Heating & Cooling, Inc. is to help you enjoy the comfort of your home at a reasonable cost. Our experienced service technicians are your trusted source for heating and air conditioning repair and service, including installation, preventive maintenance, tune-ups, and emergency repairs. Our experienced service technicians are your trusted source for heating and air conditioning repair and service, including installation, preventive maintenance and emergency repairs.

Established in 2000, Total Heating & Cooling, Inc. was founded in order to provide the high-quality AC repair Greensboro residents need and deserve. Founders Scott and Kim Hicks are committed to honesty, integrity and making sure the customer is always happy. Over the course of our nearly two decades in business, we're proud to say that our values have made us a top HVAC company in Greensboro and the surrounding communities. Our goal is to provide the high-end heating and air conditioning Greensboro residents need.

When you need AC repair, you can't afford to wait. That's why we schedule same-day or next day service to address your problems as quickly as possible. Our team will carefully assess the problem and give you an accurate estimate of the cost of service required. We work thoroughly and carefully with an eye toward fixing the entire AC repair problem rather than giving you a quick patch. Our service technicians are experienced, factory trained and highly qualified professionals, and we send them to your home in vans loaded with parts and equipment.

You may not be able to see it, yet it can have a massive effect on your quality of life. We're talking about indoor air quality, and while it's especially important for people with asthma and allergies, it matters to everyone. That's why Total Heating & Cooling, Inc. is proud to provide high-end indoor air quality products and services to keep your whole family breathing easier all year long. We install and service a wide range of indoor air quality systems to help meet your home's unique IAQ needs.

It's one of a homeowner's worst nightmares: Your furnace shuts down in the middle of a January cold snap, and your family's health and safety are at risk. That's why it's so important to have a local company you can trust to provide excellent heating services. For many years, the heating technicians at Total Heating & Cooling, Inc. have been repairing all types of heating systems throughout our area. We'll come to your home and get your heating system back up and running as quickly as possible. Heating issues never come at a convenient time, but we do everything we can to make the repair process as easy as possible.

If you run a business, you need to take care of your people, both employees, and customers. That means you need climate control, and that means you need commercial HVAC services. Total Heating & Cooling, Inc. is proud to be your source for light commercial and small business HVAC repair and replacement throughout our area. We've been serving our friends in the business community for many years, and we'll be glad to help you get the HVAC services you need without hurting your bottom line. Your business may be expanding to a new location, or you may be in the market for an energy-efficient upgrade for your existing location.

In the middle of a winter cold snap, there is nothing like coming home to the warm comfort of your home. That's why it's so important to have a reliable heating system, and that's why you need a reliable heating contractor. Total Heating & Cooling, Inc. has been providing excellent heating services throughout our area for years, and we will take care of your family's heating needs for many years to come. Whether you need a new heating system for a newly constructed home or an upgrade for your existing system, our team can help.

In the last few decades, the HVAC industry has invested plenty of resources into new, advanced heating and cooling systems designed to maximize energy efficiency. When you're ready to upgrade to ductless air conditioning, our team is here to help you get your new unit up and running. The HVAC technicians at Total Heating & Cooling, Inc. have the tools and experience needed to install and maintain ductless AC units in homes and businesses throughout our area. A ductless air conditioner or heat pump uses the same cooling cycle as a standard air conditioner.

We all get so used to having on-demand access to electricity that we can forget what it's like when the power cuts out. All it takes to remind us of just how vulnerable we can be is a single downed power line or transformer. That's why it's so important to have a backup generator to keep your home up and running when the worst happens, and that's why you need the team at Total Heating & Cooling, Inc. We install a full selection of residential and commercial generators. The whole idea of a backup generator is to give you peace of mind, and in order to enjoy that benefit, you need to know that you have the right generator to meet your needs in the event of a power outage.

Your heating and cooling systems work very hard all year long to keep you comfortable at home, and like all machines, they can wear down over time. That's why it's so important to have your air conditioner, furnace or other HVAC system professionally maintained. The HVAC technicians at Total Heating & Cooling, Inc. provide high-quality, dependable maintenance services for homeowners throughout our area. A preventive maintenance agreement from Total Heating & Cooling, Inc. means that we'll come to your home and carefully inspect and maintain your HVAC system twice a year.

You may not think about your air conditioner often, but you depend on it to get you through the cooling season every year. That's why reliable air conditioning repair is so important. When you're having issues with your air conditioner, or you need an entirely new system, you can trust the team at Total Heating & Cooling, Inc. to get you the reliable cooling you need at a price you can afford. When you're ready to make the investment in a new air conditioner, it's important to begin with a properly sized system.

Every home and business has unique heating, cooling, and air quality needs. That's why Total Heating & Cooling, Inc. is proud to be your local "one-stop shop" for HVAC services. Whether you need a new system or service for your existing system, we have the experience and the tools needed to get the job done. In addition to the traditional HVAC services, we offer some that are a little more specialized, such as: safety inspections, sheet metal fabrication, and fuel piping. We also sell generators and commercial generators.

We have called th&c for 18 years. Last year we needed to replace our system. We are very satisfied with their Trane product & service. All the.

I've been very pleased with Scott Hicks and the awesome work he and his employees have done installing two high efficiency units at my home. I highly.

Frankly, I was getting quite frustrated when the mysterious problem with our year old furnace was not getting resolved. We were tired of making no.

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