Twin Air has a professional team of expert technicians who are licensed and able to work on all brands of HVAC units. We are dedicated to giving you a quick diagnosis, providing a variety of options, and performing necessary repairs to improve the efficiency of your unit and keep your home comfortable. Clean air is something we all take for granted. Twin Air offers a variety of options when it comes to achieving the highest air quality in your home or business in order to keep you healthy. These services include: air duct cleaning, duct sealing, UV air filtration, and Air Scrubber Plus installation.

Your water heater is a system that is in nearly constant use, providing you with hot water. No one wants to wake up to an unexpectedly cold shower; give your system the attention and maintenance it needs to keep serving you reliably. Water heaters are susceptible to getting sediment buildup, especially in older units. Naturally occurring minerals, lime and other particles in your water, may not be filtered out of your water adequately and over time form a sediment barrier that coats the burner in your water heater negatively impacting its performance.

Your home's heating and cooling systems are an essential part of your indoor comfort. A properly maintained system can mean the difference between a comfortable living environment and a miserable one. Whether you have a broken or inefficient system, that you would like repaired or replaced, or just would like a routine maintenance check and tune-up, Twin Air is here to help. We will come to your home, perform a full diagnostic of your system, determine the problem, make you aware of any needed repairs, and provide recommendations, and a variety of options so that each customer has a range of choices and price points to choose from.

Our technicians will perform a complete diagnostic of your system and provide photo evidence of their findings. You can expect honesty and integrity from our technicians who will treat you like part of our family. Twin Air is certified to install GeoThermal heating and cooling systems, an eco-friendly solution to keeping your home comfortable year-round.

Twin Air has partnered with Lennox to support the efforts of Project Mend-A-House. We help diagnose and resolve plumbing, heating, and cooling issues for families in need here in Prince William County. Lennox is graciously donating one new HVAC system a year to help a family designated by the PMAH staff. In the past, Twin Air has also helped with plumbing, heating and air conditioning needs as part of summer mission re-building programs in the Appalachain towns of Corbin and Williamsburg, Kentucky.

Twin Air knows how important the maintenance of clean, safe air is in your home, and our professionals can help you examine your indoor air quality and find the best solution for you. We offer products that help reduce airborne allergens, bacteria, and viruses. Many of these products have the added benefits of reducing heating and cooling costs or extending the life of your HVAC unit. Even clean homes can have dirty ducts; pollutants such as mold, germs, dust and allergens could be in your air ducts, negatively impacting your indoor air quality.

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