Stephen Koon did show up on time and was professional and fixed the AC. I have been pleased each time we have used Cool Care. I had 1 company tell me I needed a new AC unit for 8000 but Cool Care came out and said no and fixed the AC issue. Saved me $8000! Very honest company! Cool Care HVAC came highly recommended when I sought assistance regarding a mold problem within my home due to an apparently faulty HVAC installation on a home I purchased. After two inspections (one by a a mold remediation company and one by CoolCare) I was informed the mold had permeated my entire HVAC system including my ductwork.

With the doors open for business on January 1, 2001, Cool Care Heating & Air is a fully licensed, insured and bonded South Carolina heating and air conditioning company and is owned and operated by Teresa and Kenny Wardlaw. The Wardlaw's have over thirty-seven years of combined experience in providing exceptional service and have consistently exceeded the expectations of their loyal customers by showing up when promised, communicating and solving comfort and efficiency problems, while charging a fair price.

Is your electric bill too high? It could be you need an Air Conditioning Repair Columbia SC. Have you ever wondered if that slight crack in a door is leaking out $$? Take a look at our Energy Evaluation. Sometimes your air conditioning needs a simple repair. We won't try to upsell you anything you don't need, and we will even give you a breakdown of what needs to be fixed now and what can wait. See how we can help! It's easy to take air conditioning for granted, but if your cooling system stops working in the middle of a heat wave, you've got a serious a problem!

The older, conventional usage of mastic (an untidy caulk-like compound) to seal duct leakage is not only much less reliable compared to Aeroseal, it can be costly, labor-intensive and limited to sealing only accessible ducts. Aeroseal Duct Sealing is the most efficient, budget-friendly, as well as feasible technique of closing air ductwork leakages on the market. In industrial structures most air ducts have none to extremely restricted physical gain access to, which offers Aeroseal Duct Sealing to be the only option in the market which could assure outcomes as well as improvements.

The NATE-Certified technicians at Cool Care Heating and Air are at your service for water heater repair and water heater installation. We can also provide maintenance needed for a water heating system. Call us for help with traditional gas or electric water heaters or for tankless water heater service. When water heaters heat water, minerals can collect on the sides, the tank and on the burner. As the unit ages, these minerals can accumulate inside the tank. Unless they are flushed out, they can create a sediment barrier that coats the burner and diminishes performance.

When your heating and cooling systems are getting the job done, it's easy to forget about a HVAC Maintenance plan. However, ignoring annual HVAC maintenance can disrupt your life and cost you a lot of money. For one thing, air conditioners, heat pumps and hot water heaters that aren't properly maintained usually have a shorter lifespan. Not only that, the longer these systems go without maintenance, the less efficient they become, and the more they cost to operate. Finally, any heating and cooling contractor will tell you that the majority of repair calls and HVAC breakdowns could have been avoided had the systems been properly maintained.

Do you have a ducted HVAC system? Air ducts are the pathways through which warm and cool air is distributed in your home. If you have duct work, it should be inspected and cleaned every several years. One reason is that air ducts can develop cracks and leaks through which heated and cooled air can escape, driving up utility bills. The other reason is that dirty air ducts are a major reason for polluted indoor air. Air ducts provide a dark, undisturbed space where contaminants can take up residence.

Cool Care Heating & Air is a Factory Authorized Bryant Dealer, and we specialize in heat pump installation and heat pump repair. Heat pumps are a very efficient way to heat and cool your Columbia, SC, home. Using a minimum of electricity, heat pumps essentially "pump heat" from one place to another. Warmth is pumped out of the house for cooling and pumped into the house for heating. In winter, heat pumps extract warmth from the air or ground outside and move it indoors to heat your home. In summer, heat pumps extract the heat from inside your home and move it to the air or ground outside.

Cool Care Heating & Air has serviced the heating, cooling and home performance needs West Columbia SC since 2001. Call us now at: 803-772-7715 or check out why your neighbors turn to us for our top-rated heating, air conditioning, energy savings and indoor air quality solutions in West Columbia SC. Daniel was very professional, friendly, and explained everything in details that I understood. He is a dedicated and hardworking asset to your company. On customer service--Thank you for your service and thank you for your insight in hiring only the best for your customers.

Great service and employees are very knowledgeable! Would recommend Cool Care!

Had them install my Ecobee recently and do some service at the house. Would definitely recommend this company to all my friends and neighbors.

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The Greatest Expert in Indoor Air Quality we know is Kenny Wardlaw. Kenny is also known as The GOAT and/or YODA, when it comes to solving Indoor Air Quality and combating Covid, among other things. Kenny was featured in this story addressing IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) in schools.

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We currently have positions open for Service Technicians, Installers and Dispatch. We offer great benefits and a great work environment. To apply please contact our office @ 803.772.7715 or visit our website @ www.CoolCareHVA Be Cool and Be Safe!

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Cool Care Heating and Air turns 20 this year! Proudly serving all of #SouthCarolina.

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