Quality Appliance Service offers same day service across all northern Utah counties. We only uses genuine factory parts on all repairs, and we back our work with a 1 year parts-and-labor warranty. Quality Appliance Service is family owned and operated with over 33+ years in the business. We offer a level of expertise to put Utah homeowners' mind at ease. Many changes occur in the appliance industry, and we stay sharp by having all Quality Appliance Service technicians participate in appliance repair courses.

One of the most time-saving home appliances is the microwave and nothing can be more invoncenient than a broken microwave. Quality Appliance Service will help you diagnose and repair any problems with your microwave. To remove stubborn grime: heat up a bowl of water and lemon juice for 2 minuets, this will help to loosen the grime. Do not place any metal objects in your microwave and inform your children of the danger in doing so.

While Utah has a wide variety of restaurants, there's nothing like a delicious home-cooked feast or a freshly warmed up take-home pizza. Maybe you're cooking for your family to have a sit-down dinner together or maybe you're just warming something up after a long day's work, either way, a broken stove or oven can throw a big wrench in what might otherwise be a lovely meal. Call Quality Appliance Service to save the evening with our quick and trouble-free stove and oven repair service. Before activating the self cleaning function, take down racks and wipe down oven of any excess food to shorten cleaning time.

Quality Appliance Service is your Utah Service appliance repair center in Salt Lake City. Call anywhere in Salt Lake City zip code and family-owned and operated Quality Appliance Service experts will come to service your kitchen and washer/dryer appliance. Not sure what the problem is with your appliance? That's okay, call Quality Appliance Service, and our expert technicians will come to your place to diagnose and resolve the issue. Quality Appliance Service repairs appliances for residential and businesses.

At Quality Appliance Service, we will not only help you to repair any dryer problems, but also make sure that your drying machine is performing at full capacity so that there will be less break downs in the future. Instead of having to wait for clothing to dry choose our dryer repair service today! If your dryer is taking too long to dry, check for kinks or clogs in your vent pipe, this accounts the majority of dryer problems we encounter. This should be done at least once a year or it can cause technical elements, thermostat, and motors to go out prematurely.

One of the most important appliances of the Utah household is the refrigerator and freezer unit. In this modern age, it is practically impossible to survive without it, and if there is any complication with the cooling system, any food stored inside can spoil tremendously quickly causing odors that are hard to get rid of and wasted money. Contact Quality Appliance Service to prevent this from happening by checking your appliance's functionality as well as offering you prompt service to repair your refrigerator or freezer before your food perishes.

They were not only patient (the Home Warranty wasn't covering everything and I didn't have the cash to fix my dishwasher for several months) and called me to check on whether I was ready yet just often enough, but also, when Steve came out to fix it, he had to take out the stove and a cupboard door to fix it, as it was installed by the previous homeowner DIY and it was wedged in pretty good. He was seriously amazing. Steve rocks!

Came worked on the washer, told us the washer was fixed. After they left I ran one load and it was doing the same thing it did before they came. Then when I pulled the clothes out, the bottom of the washer was not even attatched! They didn't even put it back together! Now I have to take another day off of work for them to come back!

I had another company come and check out my stove and told me it would be $1000 to fix. Sam from Quality came and found out it was just the breaker that was blown - $65. I could not believe that is all it was. I am so impressed that this company is so honest and knowledgeable. I will be back for sure.

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