Whether you want to trim, prune, remove, or simply get a tree evaluation, Rockwood Tree Svc is your place to go. We have the skills and expertise to assist with any tree related needs you may have. Please give us a call today to take advantage of our services. We pride in offering the same value of work to all our clients, from enterprises to the public. Our experts are skilled and always willing to help, every step of the way. Stump removal made easy and affordable. If you're getting rid of a tree, we remove stubborn, unsightly stumps as well as remove all the debris.

Rockwood Tree Service has been in business since 1986 proudly serving the Lake Tahoe Basin for over 20 years! Owner, operator and ISA Certified Arborist Beth Moxley built a family oriented business focusing on prompt, personal, and outstanding customer service. Their excellent work performance helps to Keep Tahoe Green! We believe it is essential that tree work remain affordable as it is absolutely necessary to maintain a healthy forest for generations to come. Trees, like people, become old, sick and die.

During the gold rush days and the Virginia City comstock lode, many old growth incense cedars were cut down to meet the demands to build the mines. These "Comstock stumps" hold significant historical value. There are several issues that cause "uprooting" of your trees. This can be extremely hazardous and difficult to manage. We will take care of your stumps, root balls, and roots causing damage to asphalt and driveway. Our stump grinding crews will grind your stumps 6? below grade @ $5.00 an inch.

Proper pruning is a carefully choreographed dance between nature and the highly skilled Certified Arborist team at Rockwood Tree Service. The International Society of Arborculture recommends pruning your landscape deciduous trees in late fall through early Spring to prevent winter damage and create a vigorous burst of new growth in the spring. Our highly educated and skilled ornamental pruners will create beautiful, healthy, fuller, and stronger trees that compliment your landscape.

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