No job too big! We have the team and equipment to take care of all your tree service needs. From hundreds of acres of forest fire safety to removing a dead tree threatening your home. Safe Our team is made up of highly educated, certified arborist professionals. We are licensed, bonded and insured to keep everyone and everything safe with this complex work. Fire Safety Forest fires have been ravaging the great state of California, and the risk is high in our precious Lake Tahoe area. We recently purchased a home in Tahoe Vista and let's just say the old rounds, down tree debris, number of trees that needed to be limbed, etc. was less than desirable when we moved moved in.

At Jeremiah's Tree Service, Inc., we offer a full range of arborist services and tree management to homes and commercial properties around Truckee and the North Lake Tahoe/Reno Basin. With over 35 years of service, our friendly, knowledgeable, and certified arborists are available year-round for all of your tree care needs. We are well known throughout the region for our dependable, thorough, and prompt service. At JTS, we don't just meet your expectations when it comes to taking care of your trees-we exceed them.

We are experts in protection for your trees during construction or excavation. We follow ANSI A-300 BMP Standards and techniques that minimize construction impact on your valuable and beautiful trees. With our decades of experience, we will also provide free advice on which are the healthiest and best trees for you to preserve on your property. This can vastly improve the value and beauty of your land and ultimately your construction project. Our expert professional arborists diagnose tree diseases.

We safely and professionally offer tree removal services for you. Dead, diseased or dying trees pose a serious risk to life or property. No tree removal job is too large or small for our team and equipment. We are happy to remove logs or remnants as well. For extra large tree jobs, we work with a local crane company to do overhead crane tree removals. Whether it's storm damage, for new construction, or defensible space, we're on the job. We offer free tree mortality, disease, risk assessments and danger analysis.

We love trees. Pruning and trimming makes them safer, healthier and grow stronger. We use spikeless equipment to climb trees, thus no wounds in the trees that make them susceptible to beetle damage or death. We help make you, your home, property and loved ones safer from fire danger. We also help you comply with local fire department regulations and insurance requirements. Includes mastication of underbrush. Call us to clear your land of trees and underbrush. We have powerful, efficient, safe equipment with a well-trained team.

Jeremiah's Tree Service Inc. has been a leader in Tree care for the Tahoe Basin for over 35 years. We are looking for motivated individuals to join our team of Professional Arborists. We provide the latest training and equipment for our employees. If you are looking for an exciting safe, professional and fun work environment, Apply today for our tree service jobs!

Jeremiah's Tree Service will professionally clear your land of trees, stumps and underbrush. We have powerful, efficient, safe equipment with a well-trained team. Lot clearing for new construction, improve fire safety and/or "curb appeal" for your overgrown vacant lot. We have well-maintained powerful equipment to efficiently and safely clear your land. We can remove any size tree and have access to cranes, barges or whatever is needed to do the job right for you. We also consider fire safety and the beauty of your property while clearing land.

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