American Arbor Care, Inc. specializes in the care of woody plants. We are a complete tree, shrub and lawn care company that is family owned and operated since 1995. Our goal is to provide our clients with excellent service, quality workmanship, and only the necessary programs to keep your landscapes safe, healthy and beautiful. We have certified arborists on staff through the International Society of Arboriculture, and meet the requirements of the State Department of Agriculture for our tree, shrub and lawn care applications.

An arborist visits your property either by appointment or a casual self-guided tour to create a customized pruning package specifying the work to be completed by our highly trained and talented staff. Work is performed according to industry standards following the ANSI300 guidelines while conforming to Z133 and OSHA safety standards. You will receive a call the day prior to a crew being dispatched to complete your pruning/removal project.

Early to Mid-spring is the ideal time to apply a pre-emergent lawn fertilization to your turfgrass. It will aid in the prevention of annual weed seed germination, while also providing the necessary nutrients to aid your lawn in becoming green and lush for spring. While watering the application in will aid it in beginning to take effect, our fertilizer products are specially coated so they will not burn a lawn if the application is not watered in right away. Pre-emergent lawn fertilization products do not prevent perennial weeds, such as dandelions.

The most common treatment we complete for clients are the aphid and mite treatments. We also offer treatments for some very damaging insects: European elm scale, Ash-lilac borer, IPS beetle, scale insects, and preventive treatments to protect your Ash trees from Emerald Ash Borer before it arrives. As a licensed tree care professional, and we have three certified arborists on staff who are licensed pesticide applicators with the Colorado Department of Agriculture. We have an extremely knowledgeable staff to provide professional evaluations and assessments for our clients.

We do offer the services of small landscape renovation to take out old, tired material and freshen it up with new. Including new edging installations, rock/wood mulch, boulders/cobble, etc. It is a slow release product over a 6-8 month period. Rather than a faster release product resulting is excessive growth, for trees and shrubs that is unnecessary. Along with the major nutrients of Nitrogen, Potassium, and Phosphorus, this application also includes mycorrhizae (beneficial soil fungus) and micronutrients, along with Humic Acid.

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