Since 1985, the professionals at Emma Landcare Tree Service have been caring for trees in all of Southern California's diverse regions. Headquartered in San Diego since 2005, our team of dedicated managers, arborists and supervisors have the training and experience needed to tackle any size or type of tree service project. Our team of seasoned tree care workers and our fleet of modern equipment are among the best in SanDiego, and can be counted on to provide the most efficient and cost-effective solutionto your tree service needs.

When it comes to selecting and planting trees, an arborist with experience in local tree species is the best place to start. Most nurserymen and landscapers can recommend trees based on our climate and growing conditions, but an arborist with experience in how local species actually grow and mature in the landscape is the best source of information when it comes to selecting and planting trees for long-term success. Many of the trees that need to be removed from landscapes in our area every year probably should not have been planted where they are in the first place.

Emma Tree Service has the experience and equipment necessary to remove even the largest trees in our region under the most challenging of conditions. Our team is highly experienced and performs all of our tree removals in the safest and most efficient manner possible. We take pride in our ability to remove trees safely and quickly, grind the stumps, and leave the surrounding landscape unchanged. Trees need to be removed from properties for a variety of reasons, and sometimes it may be hard for a property owner or manager to decide if removal is the best option.

Trees are a vital part of any outdoor space, and keeping them well-pruned is a big part of ensuring their long-lasting value and contribution to your property's environment. Tree health, beauty and lifespan are aspects that are all substantially increased with a proper pruning regimen. Managing the pruning of trees in a landscape setting requires skill and experience, and a thorough understanding of the pruning requirements of each individual species. The professional arborists and tree workers at Emma Tree Service all have years of experience working in the San Diego region, and are experts on the pruning of all of our local tree species.

The team at Emma Tree Service provides a full range of tree-related services for homeowners, commercial property owners, multi-family apartment communities, homeowners associations and government agencies near San Diego, California. Our foundation in the landscape installation and maintenance field gives us what we feel to be a more comprehensive approach when it comes to caring for your trees. From large-scale tree removals and hazard abatements, to fine lacing, structural pruning and ornamental work-we understand your trees and their complex relationship to the rest of your landscape.

Emma Tree Service provides in-person consultations on wide variety of tree-related issues. In most cases, consultations are performed in conjunction with bidding and estimating various tree service projects, and these consultations are always provided free of charge. Our goal as both consultant and tree service contractor is to educate our clients about the specifics of any tree service work that they are considering, and work to find the solutions that best suit their needs. The initial arborist's consultation is the starting point of many of our long-term client relationships, and we're confident that our approach to providing our clients with much more than just an estimate is one thing that sets us apart from our competitors.

What's new?

Today we are trimming and removing large palms at a home in El Cajon! Our job is to keep your trees beautiful and safe! #sandiego #trees

Posted on Apr 29, 2019  •  Facebook

In Solana Beach today, removing a large Canary Island Date Palm as part of a home renovation. Gotta love working with an ocean view!

Posted on Mar 27, 2019  •  Facebook

It's a busy day today as we begin trimming 109 trees along University Ave for the City Heights Business Association! Making #SanDiego safe and beautiful one tree at a time!

Posted on Feb 26, 2019  •  Facebook

One of our crews is performing palm tree trimming on two large Canary Island Date Palms! We remove the dead and lower fronds, and all the messy seed pods. #trees #sandiego

Posted on Feb 06, 2019  •  Facebook

Our arborist, Clint Davis, was just interviewed by Fox 5 San Diego to discuss the warning signs of hazardous trees. You can learn more today by watching Fox 5 at 1pm, 4pm, 5pm and 6pm!

Posted on Feb 01, 2019  •  Facebook

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