Our staff of Consulting Arborists is professional and uniquely qualified, having extensive education, research and teaching experience and vast practical knowledge regarding tree growth, physiology and management. This background enables us to focus resources to efficiently tackle issues regarding tree preservation, health and risk assessment, root damage claims and loss appraisal. We provide arborist reports which are clear, comprehensive and practical. We look forward to assisting you with your arborist needs.

UC Davis hired us to evaluate the impact of new construction on a rare Chilean soapbark tree in proximity to the proposed building. We assessed tree health and structure, then exposed and inspected roots at both the base of the trunk and several feet from the trunk. After evaluating the tree, we defined a tree protection zone, then worked with representatives of the University and the construction company to develop recommendations for preservation of the tree. Prior to construction, we tied back limbs to minimize the need for pruning while providing clearance for construction.

Tree Associates Inc., assists in tree preservation while satisfying local tree ordinances and planning regulations, which is best accomplished through our involvement in the planning, design, and pre- and post-construction stages of a project. Our approach is to provide a tree evaluation which provides information on the species, size and condition of trees and their suitability for preservation. Project plans are then reviewed to determine potential construction impacts and to provide prognoses for the trees to be preserved.

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Re: Drought Tolerant Trees for Northern California. California is an area with modest rainfall and periodic droughts, so it makes good sense to plant drought tolerant #trees. As an #ISACertified #Arborist I frequently advise landowners about dependable, drought tolerant trees for most locations in...

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Arborist John Lichter giving an informative presentation on various aspects of tree related claims issues at the Sept 19 MVCA luncheon.

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I recently posted an article regarding tree preservation on my blog; please take a look at: treeassociates. wordpress.com

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Reminder about your invitation from John Lichter

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