Get real and add beauty of hardwood to your home. Great for an elegant or rustic look, you will rest easy knowing mother nature never goes out of style. Most flooring aims to recreate nature but hardwood is the real deal. As homeowners search for new hardwood flooring, it's clear what is uppermost in their minds: Authenticity. An appealing look or style is not enough. While consumers are certainly concerned about a floor's durability and value, they want something of substance even more. Engineered floors have higher resistance to moisture than solid wood flooring.

A room's "fifth wall", the floor, can showcase dramatic area rugs that are so breathtaking in color and design they're like works of art. And rugs can change the feel of a room in mere minutes-so you can do a room makeover on your lunch hour. Add warmth to your tile or give your hardwood that cozy factor you've been missing. Whether you're going for elegant and sophisticated or comfy and casual, area rugs are flat out amazing! Looking for a splash of color to liven up your room? Transitional Area Rugs are a great option!

The alarm clock goes off, early on a chilly morning. Don't let your feet touch a shockingly cold tile floor. Wake up refreshed, and ease comfortably into your day with radiant floor heating that evenly heats tile and stone floors, making them a treat to step onto after a refreshing shower or bath. Home Interiors Flooring uses Wedi Pre-sloped Shower Pans in conjunction with Wedi Backerboard on all of their shower installations. Most contractors will pack their own mud showers manually. Wedi Pre-sloped Shower Pans have many advantages over the traditional mud packed shower.

Luxury Vinyl simply looks like the real thing and right now it's more stylish than ever. It's tile like looks can be grouted so you get the visual of ceramic, without the frigid feel. Alterna, Adura, Duraceramic, Durastone and Adore are all part of this fast growing flooring family. Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring has been designed by experts to resemble hardwood flooring planks while delivering superior water resistance and durability. Vinyl Plank flooring is perfect for areas like bathrooms, laundy rooms, and basements where moisture is present.

Engineered floors have higher resistance to moisture than solid wood flooring. Which means you will notice less gapping in the winter months. Also, engineered flooring (excluding the newer click lock flooring) can be direct glued-down over (dry) concrete slabs above or below grade or stapled down over a wood subfloor. All this flexiility, not to mention quality engineered hardwood flooring has the same resale value as 3/4 solid wood flooring, if you ever decide to sell your home. Engineered is also more renewable than solid wood flooring.

Time to take a double take, this wood and tile lookalike is getting tougher and tougher to spot. Laminate offers beautiful designs that emulate the elegance of porcelain tile and the warmth of hardwood, but with the easy maintenance and super durability of a laminate. Installing yourself? No problem, laminate is a DIY'ers dream since installation is literally a snap. The visual charm of time-worn, reclaimed hardwood floor. Choose from planks reminiscent of vintage, old growth wood. These planks have "skip-sawn" testuring offering a rustic, hand-hewn appeal.

Kool Glide seaming takes the smoky mess out of installation. The Kool Glide Seaming Iron is a revolutionary award winning new seaming technology that makes difficult carpet installations simple, clean, and fast. Because the tool never gets hot and never touches the glue the problems with hot iron seaming are eliminated. You get flatter seams without the hassles commonly associated with hot iron seaming: fumes, smoke, glue drips, carpet discoloration, burns, and speed bumps. This also means that the Kool Glide system is environmentally safer and better for your family's health.

Carpet is the equivalent of the "little black dress". It has so many things going for it. It's soft, safe, cozy and quiet. It's stain-resistant and gives excellent value for the price-and it saves energy! Carpet is also proven to trap allergens and dander (which can easily be removed when the right vacuum is used regularly). So for cozy comfort underfoot, hands down the winner is carpet. Right now everyone wants something to sink their feet into. The lushness and softness of today's friezes will want you to curl up by the fireplace.

What's new?

Get the WOW without the worry with Adura Max APEX vinyl flooring. It's waterproof, easy to clean and kid & pet friendly so you can enjoy the style without sacrificing performance.

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Home Interiors is looking for warehouse person responsible for receiving, locating, pulling + staging materials used for flooring installations.Candidate must be dependable, hard working, self-motivated, and have strong organizational skills. Must have a STRONG attention to detail, have excellent...

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Hallmark Flooring is featured in some of Studio Mcgee's projects, and we couldn't be more thrilled. Hallmark hardwoods are beautifully handcrafted and have a classic style and elegance that can't be compared to other hardwoods. If hardwood isn't your thing, don't worry, Hallmark has a waterproof...

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Looking for something fun to do? The Spring Showcase of Homes is right around the corner!

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Happy National Tile Day y'all!

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So Simple! Scan with your smartphone - and click "like" for Design trends and inspiration.

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Inspired by the picturesque artifacts of ancient Greece, Athena is a subtle sand worn travertine vis

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Inspired by the picturesque artifacts of ancient Greece, Athena is a subtle sand worn travertine vis

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Strata is an exceptional looking product that, dependent on how it is seen, could be a cement-look,

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Extraordinary strength, extraordinary versatility, extraordinary visual and tactile appeal . . . i P

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