At The Grout Medic we believe in keeping things simple. Our promise to you is that we will bring your grout and tile back to life through the work we perform in it. We are a tile and grout cleaning company dedicated to delivering only quality results and customer service. Our brand and its reputation have been built over time on our skills in grout and tile cleaning, repair, sealing, color sealing, and tile replacement. These are our core competencies, and this is what we are trained and skilled to do at the highest level.

The Grout Medic is the leader in the grout and tile cleaning and restoration market. The products and equipment used are the latest technology to bring your grout and tile back to life. The Grout Medic specializes in performing services on your existing grout and tile surfaces. Each Grout Medic technician is trained to evaluate your needs, and prescribe and perform the procedures for you in a professional and courteous manner while exceeding your expectations. At The Grout Medic, we can perform all of our services in both the residential and commercial environment.

Loose and hollow tile in your kitchen, bath, or in any other tiled area doesn't require complete tile replacement. If you are considering a large tile renovation, call on The Grout Medic before you begin vetting other home renovation contractors. Our tile replacement services are not just cost-effective. Repairing tile offers solutions to a few potential problems. If you have ever walked across your tiled floor, and heard a hollow noise coming from beneath, it means your tile is loose. Loose tiles have lost their bond to the floor or wall structure, and stand to incur further damage to your entire tiled surface.

Grout is porous and over time it will absorb dirt, mildew, mold, and limescale. Our expert tile and grout cleaning services can help restore your grout to its sparkling clean condition, making your home safer and more beautiful. Grout color sealer allows you to change or match the color of your grout, without removing your existing grout! Learn more about how you can freshen up your dcor without needing to replace your grout. New caulking around the tub and or shower edges provides that clean look you have been trying to achieve.

After your floor or wall has been steam cleaned and rinsed, a proprietary, color penetrating seal will be applied by hand to give your grout a fresh new look and protection for your grout. This will help make the grout uniform in color and helps prevent future discoloration, while providing you an easier way to maintain your grout from daily or weekly cleaning. Grout Color Sealing is important because it seals off the porous grout and won't allow liquids, dirt, and grime to penetrate before you have a chance to clean up those spills that may happen.

And mopping and scrubbing won't be enough if you want a clean surface. Since grout is porous and easily absorbs all debris and dirt, these cleaning methods will only remove the surface soil and not the embedded dirt. Eventually, mold and mildew will build-up on the surface of your tiles and grout, which affects their appearance. Also, these unhealthy irritants create an unhygienic surface that cultivates mold, fungus, bacteria and germs. Don't make the most common mistakes in cleaning! Simple cleaning methods can't clean your floor and walls completely.

Water seepage happens when grout and/or caulk go into a state of disrepair, breaking the barrier between your wet showers and baths and the areas behind your tile. Though preventable with continued care, and by addressing broken grout and shrinking caulk immediately, many homeowners are unaware of the gradual damage being done through these small breaches. If it is too late to simply recaulk or regrout your shower or bath, The Grout Medic is pleased to offer professional water damage repair for any tiled surface.

After The Grout Medic cleans your grout and tile, a proprietary clear and penetrating grout sealer will be applied to protect your grout. This will help from any future discoloration, staining, and daily dirt and grime from accumulating in and around your grout lines. Sealing your grout after cleaning will keep your grout looking great until your next professional grout cleaning! Yes, it does! Sealing Grout is important because it is porous and to reduce the amount of porous areas of the grout, a sealer must be applied.

Showers and countertops that have tiled surfaces often develop missing, discolored, or damaged grout. By regrouting the surface it can look brand new again. The Grout Medic will remove the old grout and replace it, giving any tiled surface a more beautiful finish. Not only will the surface look brand new, but there will be an extended life added to the surface, as well. After regrouting services are performed, you will be able to experience the room for a longer period of time because it is going to create a watertight area that can extend the life of the newly regrouted areas for many years.

Did you know that caulk has a very important purpose? It provides a watertight seal between countertops, tubs, and shower seams. Caulk can deteriorate over time, and require replacing. While that may seem like a simple DIY project, it should be performed by a professional. What are the benefits of hiring The Grout Medic to recaulk your showers, tubs, counters, or backsplashes? There are a few great reasons! When caulk begins to deteriorate, it shrinks and separates from the surfaces to which it was applied.

Tile replacement and removal should be performed by a professional in order to ensure quality results. By removing and replacing individual tiles, The Grout Medic can make the necessary grout repairs to make the surfaces look like new again. The cost is very affordable as we work with your budget in mind and we also work in a timely fashion so that you can go back to enjoying clean and fresh tiles. If you have one tile or more in disrepair, there is no need to replace all your tile. Tile replacement services allow you to keep the same elegant design that you started out with.

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? Don't let a little grout in disrepair become a issue in your home.

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'? From heavy foot traffic to harsh cleaning products to excessive scrubbing, it's no wonder tile floors, bathrooms, and countertops can start to look a little shabby over the years.

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? At The Grout Medic, grout cleaning and grout sealing go hand-in-hand.

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