Schedule your appointment today with our convenient real-time online scheduling assistant. You can now select the best time for our trusted technicians to service your equipment all without picking up your phone. If your HVAC unit is 10 years old or older, it most likely uses phased-out R22 refrigerant. Let our trusted technicians update your system & we will buy your equipment for a limited time only.*

During the winter, geothermal heating and cooling systems absorb heat stored in the ground through the water that circulates in its underground loop. This heat is carried to the ground source heat pumps where it's concentrated and then sent as warm, comfortable air throughout your home. When you need heating the most, the air outside is coldest. As a result, a traditional air source heat pump works hard to extract the amount of heat from the cold air needed to properly heat your home. In contrast, a geothermal system consumes less energy as it easily absorbs heat from the abundant supply stored below ground, making geothermal heating significantly more energy efficient.

Maintaining your HVAC system is key in maximizing the efficiency your system runs at as well as prolonging the expected life cycle of HVAC systems. McCrea offers four types of HVAC service contracts. Each service contract provides priority service, emergency heat service, and two seasonal inspections. All plans include peace of mind for you and your family or your business. Join the McCrea family today!

Since we first opened our doors in 1936 we have been partnering with our customers in the Washington Metropolitan area to help them achieve the best results for the best price. Our belief in the importance of focusing on the homeowners and builders together, allows us to provide value while exceeding expectations throughout the design - build - service - testing processes. In many instances over the past 80 years we have deigned, installed and performed the manufactures recommended maintenance on the HVAC system and replaced it when it reached the point it was no longer feasible to maintain.

We are a premier HVAC company specializing in HVAC installation, HVAC maintenance, HVAC replacement, HVAC service, and HVAC repair. If your system is over ten years old, a new high efficiency HVAC system can save you up to 75% on your annual heating and cooling costs. Their prices were lower than the other 3 I got first and so I decided that with the good reviews I had read, I would jump. Glad I did. It is probably one of the best jobs I have even had done by a hired contractor. And a plus was they followed up to make sure I got the Carrier rebates of almost $2K which ultimately adjusted the final cost to about what others were charging for a 14 or 14 SEER unit.

Would you like the security of knowing that your home will never be without power? McCrea now installs Honeywell whole home generators. These solutions can power as much or as little of your home as you would like to be powered during an outage. With Honeywell's mobile link technology you can monitor your generator from anywhere, including getting alerts when the unit runs, or even when it needs service. Don't get left in the dark set up your free consultation today. The new Honeywell generator home standby line is the most innovative in the marketplace.

For over seventy five years, McCrea has been in the business of heating and air-conditioning in VA, PA and MD. Our longevity has allowed us to align ourselves with all the major manufacturers of heating and air-conditioning equipment. We use only the highest quality products that give our customers peace of mind.

Our professional engineers can design your project from start to finish. The McCrea engineering department uses the latest technologies including Wrightsofts Manual J load calculation programs to determine HVAC sizing requirements for all types of projects. Our staff of engineers not only determines the size of HVAC equipment required, they do mechanical designs on over 5,000 HVAC systems a year. Our staff has worked with our National builder partners to help standardize HVAC designs in their floor plans.

Would you like to control you home from your phone? With Nexia and the latest from our partners at Trane you can do just that. Control your HVAC, lighting, garage doors, security cameras and much more right from your smart phone. Giving you the ability to run your home from wherever. This technology can be integrated with your new heating and cooling system from Trane. An overview of Nexia Home Intelligence, a home automation system that lets you monitor and control your home from anywhere. Keep tabs on your pets at home from work or anywhere in the world!

Ducts get dirty and need cleaned to keep your home clean and allergen free. Dust build up in duct work varies depending on how often the system runs, how many pets are in the home, and many other factors. I've had a few not so great, and one out right scary person from Angie;s List in the past, and was hesitant to come back and try another. But these people at McCrea are top-notch, trustworthy, knowledgeable, fair, honest and just all around great to work with and the job that they did. I am extremely happy and would highly recommend this team.

I have had a service contract with McCrea for 13 years and have always found them to be prompt, efficient and professional. I have recently had a whole new heating and cooling system put in and they were great, fast and efficient with the installation. I will gladly continue using McCrea.

Greencastle, Pa office - First off let me say the techs have been great. I've been using McCrea for over ten years. I sold my house in March 2017. Because I did not cancel the service they billed me in Aug 2017. I asked them for a refund and they refused. Saying it was my responsibility to cancel the service 30 days prior. This is extremely bad customer service! We're talking about $35 and not using the service at all! Come on really? After 10 years of service!

Our total system was installed in July of 2016. I scheduled a technician to stop at the early point in the heating season and he indicated that we were to receive 2 no charge visits during the first year. He checked over the system and adjusted the switchover point of the heat pump/emergency heat for the most efficient fuel usage during the heating season. While doing so, he noticed that the installers had NOT installed a "wet switch" to protect from condensate water overflowing due to a pump failure. He scheduled to come back and install that switch (at no cost) and did so on December 28th. I could not be more pleased with his knowledge, courtesy and customer service attitude. The technician is Brooks, and he is from the Greencastle, PA location.

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Are you aware of the benefits of a whole-house humidifier? Keeping the right moisture levels in your home's air can protect your home, your furniture, and your family's health. Contact us about a whole-house humidifier today! 3t9PJ75

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