During the Winter of 1998, the Parfit Family of Langhorne experienced a heating system breakdown. He was connected with company President Joseph Clemenson. Joe reassured him, noting that the 4 x 4 service truck he was sending had a snow plow attached. Don't worry. Nothing will stop us from getting to you. Sure enough, our technician and truck conquered the elements and arrived at the Parfitt household. The system was repaired by 11 PM and everyone was soon warm and cozy again. J.C. Heating was happy to help the Parfitt family, and we vow to be just as responsive to all of our customer's needs.

From furnace repair to boiler repair, JC Heating is your full service HVAC contractor in Levittown, Pa. We service all of Lower Bucks County. Providing complete heating system maintenance, we offer boiler repair and boiler installation services you can count on. We service both hot water and steam boilers from all manufacturers. Did you know that most old gas boilers operate at as little as 50% efficiency, and the average boiler in place today operates at only 60% efficiency? New gas boilers offer an efficiency rating form 85% to 95%, which can often pay for for the cost on the new boiler in a few short years from the money saved on fuel.

With electrical power at a premium during the sticky summer months, utility companies often lower their output of power. This is normally called a brown out. A brown out or reduction in power can do irreparable damage to your appliances, especially your air conditioner. All appliances are designed to work with a certain amount of power. If that power level is dropped, your appliances will continue to function, but they will be forced to work under duress. A lightning strike to your home or business can damage or destroy all of your electrical appliances.

Place your home heating oil order on our website from anywhere and at any time. If you are not an automatic delivery customer, this is a great way to submit your request quickly at a time that is best for you. JC Heating is an independent, family owned "Full Service Heating and Air Conditioning Contractor" located in Levittown Pa. 19054. Large enough to provide prompt, reliable service, but small enough to give you the personal attention you deserve. Our storage tank is located in Yardley, Pa 19067 with reloading facilities in Trenton.

Installing a new air conditioner in your home has several benefits over old air conditioning systems or window units. Within the last ten years, many advances have been made in AC technology, allowing them to operate more efficiently while producing less noise and occupying less space! The efficiency improvements in new air conditioning systems can save you hundreds of dollars annually-or more depending on your home size and cooling needs. With more than 43 years of air conditioning experience in the Bucks County, Pa. area, we have seen, installed, repaired, and replaced it all.

When you need gas heating repair or service in Bucks County and surrounding areas, call JC Heating. Our highly trained technicians service all makes and models of gas boilers and furnaces. No one should be left out in the cold this winter. Have your heating system tuned up before winter arrives. Annual maintenance cleaning and tune up can save dollars over the winter months and eliminate a late night service call. We're proud to offer convenient service plans that provide you coverage for all your heating and cooling equipment.

Replaced all the parts to our furnace last winter through this company and last night our pump went out. It only lasted one winter! Was told we were.

Total rip off company Liars from the owner down to the service techs would use them if they were the last company around BEWARE!

I called for service Saturday explaining I had a recent plumbing issue and now had no hot water/heat but had cold running water - was given an.

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Formed Precision oil tune up on Utica oil boiler in Kenwood section of Levittown PA... https://t.co/RxuToRssrR https://t.co/WiizzqYuBv

Posted on Jan 18, 2021  •  Twitter

Performed the oil turn up in Yardley PA - Kevin S. checked in near Temple Dr Morris... https://t.co/tRqwRIYk98 https://t.co/Q7VbTp4gQi

Posted on Jan 07, 2021  •  Twitter

Upon arrival system cwl-85was off on reset determine system needed a prime and star... https://t.co/sHB3cN6ZY5 https://t.co/Eaey8DcoSV

Posted on Dec 28, 2020  •  Twitter

5-star review from Brice "Very professional Did a great job" https://t.co/fDizqYnT2c

Posted on Dec 25, 2020  •  Twitter

Found bad Honeywell powerhead replaced with new and checked operation - Kevin S. ch... https://t.co/bYg5fVUilg https://t.co/SXq50ZgdPF

Posted on Dec 24, 2020  •  Twitter

Replaced expansion tank and purged waterlines - Kevin S. checked in near Holly Dr L... https://t.co/Vt6U4jhNMi https://t.co/hiZq5NXevI

Posted on Dec 23, 2020  •  Twitter

Performed oil tuneup on a well McLean boiler - Kevin S. checked in near Lowell Ave ... https://t.co/7LzD5e4t6K https://t.co/QZls6rfExQ

Posted on Dec 22, 2020  •  Twitter

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