When your heating system is causing trouble, give James Heating & A/C, Inc's HVAC pros a ring for furnace service in Lexington. We'll arrive rapidly to determine and fix the issue. And we'll get the heat working again without delay! Our furnace repair technicians are well-known for excellent HVAC service completed properly the first time. When it includes service calls for HVAC systems, we can handle it all. When you are seeking the finest furnace repair in Lexington, look no further than James Heating & A/C, Inc.

James Heating & A/C, Inc was founded in Lexington in 1967, and we've been part of the heating and cooling services industry ever since. We have a professional, knowledgeable and fully trained crew, so you can depend on the quality of our work. We're committed to finishing the job quickly - and correctly - 100% of the time. We sell innovative, high-tech Lennox® products that will help your HVAC systems provide efficient and reliable performance to keep your home comfortable all-year round. Pair high-technology products with our excellent repair and maintenance service, and you've discovered a match made in HVAC heaven.

With correct ventilation, your home can fend off mildew, allergen buildup and similar air quality problems. Correct ventilation also helps clear away intense odors, like cooking smells or tobacco smoke. Lennox® home ventilation systems in Lexington, North Carolina, give you an energy-efficient option: switching flat indoor air with renewed outdoor air. They're designed to match with any home comfort system. Plus, they don't generate any ozone, a toxic gas that can inflame your lungs. James Heating & A/C, Inc can help you choose the correct fit for your space and the local weather.

It doesn't have to be like that. There are a couple of easy adjustments you can do by yourself that could help you get out of an AC service call. When you're having air conditioning issues, use this diagnostic list before reaching out to a heating and cooling repair specialist like James Heating & A/C, Inc. Our experts are standing by at 336-853-6070 when you are looking for professional service. We have AC repair and work on most models of central air conditioners. When you're talking with us, contemplate an annual AC maintenance plan that might help you avoid future problems.

From a selection of solutions to professional air conditioning installation, we make the process simple at James Heating & A/C, Inc. Our professionals will begin by helping you choose the ideal cooling system for your wants and finances. After that, we'll make sure that you not only know how to use all the advantages of your updated air conditioner, but that it's connected right. It's our goal for you and your family to benefit from comfortable, efficient air conditioning, especially for the muggiest days of the summer.

Don't worry, however, because James Heating & A/C, Inc can help you achieve an energy-efficient residence that meets your comfort needs. Our services include an air quality audit and products to help improve indoor air quality in Lexington, North Carolina. Is your home healthy? It may not be as fresh as you think. Pollution can be two to five times more concentrated inside than outside your home, as noted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Indoor air pollutants circulating through your house's air may result in headaches and allergy outbreaks.

A busted heating system shouldn't create so many hassles, and it will finally stop when James Heating & A/C, Inc's heating take a peek. We can find and resolve whatever issue that appears, getting you back to a cozy home that much quicker. If it requires service calls, we can do it all. The furnace repair technicians at James Heating & A/C, Inc excel at professional HVAC service, on a wide number of HVAC systems. Prefer to review annual maintenance plans before we leave? These plans can assist you with sidestepping future furnace repair calls by increasing the heater's energy efficiency and overall condition.

Furnace installation in Lexington, North Carolina, is an easy choice when you pick the heating and cooling experts at James Heating & A/C, Inc. We offer a number of choices to meet your comfort and budget needs, counting energy-efficient and high-efficiency furnaces that have the ability to keep utility costs inexpensive. Outdated furnaces are not as productive. If yours hasn't been receiving annual furnace maintenance, there's a chance of lowering your heating efficiency and ending up with increased energy expenses.

Your AC has to have annual maintenance to keep it operating trouble-free all through the humidity—and help prevent emergency repair calls. Our heating and cooling experts inspect your system during maintenance. This regularly lets us to spot problems before they happen. Routine service can also help your unit run more proficiently, helping you pay a smaller amount for on electrical costs. Get in touch with us at 336-853-6070 today to schedule your air conditioner tune-up appointment. We'll check at essential pieces, like the fan, evaporator coil and refrigerant measurements, to ensure your system is working properly.

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