At Triad Heating & Cooling, our mission is to provide the best service possible. We accomplish this goal everyday by focusing on our core values; achieving excellence, providing superior quality, and focusing on our customers with attention to detail. Because of this mentality, customers continually choose Triad Heating & Cooling. We maintain excellence by creating a positive, problemsolving, team-engaging based environment. We are excellent because we figure out how we CAN get the job done; we focus on end results and navigate obstacles with efficiency.

It all started in the early 1980's when Danny Ward noticed that there was something missing in the Asheboro area when it came to good-quality heating & air conditioning service that you could trust. From that day forward he developed a desire to provide a very important service and necessity for the people of Asheboro in a manner, which they had never seen before. Basically his decision was to provide the best quality heating & air conditioning service and installation, while maintaining the highest level of integrity.

Having a successful kitchen is a large component of running a successful restaurant or food service operation. You cannot best serve your customers if you do not have the correct equipment. Not only do you need the proper equipment, you also need equipment that will stand the test of time and hold up for years to come. Our team works to fully understand your business and your customers needs so we can help you choose the right equipment for you. We are up to date with the latest and greatest kitchen equipment knowledge and have a fast and responsive team.

Think about these two scenarios - you take care of your car, change its oil, rotate its tires, etc., your car is going to drive longer and further than a car that is not taken care of and that does not get its oil changed or tires rotated. Now picture this scenario- you take care of yourself, you workout and eat healthy. You set yourself up to live a long life where on the other end, someone who doesn't eat healthy and doesn't workout is setting themselves up for a shorter life. The same exact situation happens with your heating and air conditioning system.

In Elkin, Asheboro and Greensboro, North Carolina, we know how hot and humid the summers can get. That's why the team here at Triad Heating & Cooling specializes in all things air conditioning. When the temperatures begin to rise, you need to have a reliable system to keep you, your family and your home cool. We offer a variety of energy efficient American Standard systems to choose from. Call us today and let's find the perfect solution for your needs. We also diagnose and repair all makes and models of air conditioners.

Typically, you will see a full duct system installed in homes and buildings because that is what is most common in the heating and air conditioning world. However, some homes work better with a ductless system and there are some homeowners who just prefer a ductless HVAC system. If you are someone who prefers ductless or has a home that cannot accommodate a duct system, mini splits are perfect for you and your home and will get the job done. Ductless mini splits consist of a indoor unit that is mounted to the wall plus an outdoor condenser.

Quality metal ductwork is crucual for your HVAC system to efficiently distribute air throughout your home and buildings in general. It can make or break your system. At Triad Heating & Cooling, we offer fully customized sheet metal work. We have a dedicated shop and can do chimney caps, flashing, decorative metals and more. Sheet metal fabrication is a process where metal parts are formed into flat, thin pieces. These pieces can then be cut and bent into various shapes, which is why we have the ability to create anything you want!

Just like there is never a good time for your heating and air conditioning to break down on you, there is never a good time for you power to go out. But, so is life and we all know that these kind of things can happen and sometimes do happen. At Triad Heating & Cooling, we want our customers to be prepared for whatever life throws at them, whatever that may be. If it's your heating and air conditioning, we will be there for you with our 24/7 service. If it's your power, we sell and provide generators so you and your home will be prepared.

The team at Triad Heating & Cooling is qualified to service and maintain any and all heating and air conditioning systems. From installing a new mini split system in your home to repairing your air conditioner in the middle of the summer, Triad is here for you. Our number one goal is to provide the very best quality heating & air conditioning service and installation, while maintaining the highest level of integrity.

We know how important it is to keep your business running smoothly, that includes your heating and air conditioning system. It's vital to the success of your business to keep your employees & customers feeling comfortable every-time they walk inside. We install, service, and repair commercial HVAC systems for businesses of all sizes. We will customize an energy efficient plan for your office, warehouse, school, church, restaurant, or manufacturing space. You can trust us with your HVAC needs for your business, we get the job done right.

If you rely on a commercial walk-in cooler or freezer you can depend on our technicians for quick service. Triad Heating & Cooling knows that your business can depend on your refrigeration. Whether it's enabling your customers to have good, fresh food or ensuring that none of your food goes to waste, your refrigeration system is important. Even if your refrigerator is working but at a poor temperature, what's inside of it will not be as fresh as it can be with proper, cool temperatures. That's why you need a contractor who you can trust to keep your business running smoothly.

If you've lived in the Asheboro, Greensboro and/or Elkin, North Carolina area for a long time, you know that the summer time for us is the worst time of the year in regards to weather. However, you also know that we have some severe winter days with a pretty consistently cold winter. Make sure you are staying warm all winter long without high heating bills. At Triad Heating & Cooling, we are here to help you achieve that. We offer a full range of energy efficient heating solutions to fit you and your homes needs.

Triad Heating & Cooling provides professional and efficient air duct cleaning services in and around Asheboro, Greensboro and Elkin, North Carolina. We know how important it is to have clean air ducts in your home for not only your comfort, but for your indoor air health and quality as well. Clean air ducts are the foundation for good indoor air quality. Over several years, air ducts can also become contaminated with mold, fungi, and bacteria, as well as dust which can lead to serious health problems.

Truly great full to Triad Heating and Cooling, anyone who's in the restaurant business knows what it feels like to have a refrigerator go down, I called they came same day! Fixed me right up, I would highly recommend them to anyone. Bobby is great. Thank you Triad for taking care of us!

Excellent service and superior equipment, they are the best in the state! Just had an entirely new heating and AC system installed end of May. We got basically the Rolls Royce of American Standard equipment installed by Bradley, Scotty and James, final inspection by Mike. The guys are very conscientious and detailed in their work. they even took their boots off to make sure not to get dirt in the house. The entire experience was awesome! It started with a call into their office that our AC was blowing warm air. Staff at office are on top of their game and are very helpful. Mike came out to look at our 29 yr old system. Mike is the guru of heating and air systems, extremely knowledgeable, but explains everything so a layman like myself understood what was going on, he is a huge asset to company and can't say enough good stuff about him. Adam is the comfort consultant who did an amazing job of walking us through what we needed and what options we had. Adam like everyone at Triad are very down to earth and easy going while still being very professional. Adam took care of us through the entire purchasing process, financing setup, checking in during install and final inspection of system. Adam was readily available via phone and text during this entire process. I can't say enough how great the entire team worked like a symphony to give us the best experience and best equipment. Triad Heating and Cooling is truly an amazing company to work with. We are now in 90 degree days and enjoying 69 degree house with minimal energy bill, thanks to super efficient system. I highly recommend the folks at Triad Heating & Cooling.

First class service from sales through installation. Adam Hurley maintained excellent contact with me on the sales of new heating and cooling units. Bradley Thirston provided replacement of old units and installation of new. Did this while still assuring I had heat at night. Other service crew were also very good. Highly recommend Triad Heating and Cooling.

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Our phones are currently down due to an outage in our area that will hopefully be quickly resolved! You can still reach us via text at 336-629-7588!

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From The Triad Family to yours, Happy Labor Day! We will resume normal business hours tomorrow, September 8, 2020🔨🔧🔩

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