Relief HVAC has a unique story to tell, one we are confident you will find both relevant and appealing. First, we do things our own way, which is to say we're not cut from a mold that produces heating and cooling service providers. Here, we do things our way - the way our customers want so we can deliver what they expect. We are here when you need us - even for overnight, weekend and holiday emergencies. Our technicians are thoroughly background checked for your added peace of mind, and they have a world of training and experience they bring to bear for every client, no matter what the service need might be.

Talking about customer service is often like trying to describe a cloud formation in exacting detail - it's a difficult, if not impossible task. Thankfully, that's not how it works at Relief Heating and Cooling, where customer service is tangible, easily defined, and easy to see and feel for yourself.

Here in the Triad area, it gets plenty cold during the winter. Not North Dakota or Minnesota cold, but cold enough that you want to get in from the cold as quickly as possible. Inside your own home, where it's nice and warm. Or at least should be. We're your local heating and AC professionals who do everything it takes to help keep you warm: high quality repair work, ongoing system maintenance, and new system installation. For the prompt and reliable repair service we know you expect, contact Relief Heating and Cooling now.

Installing a heat pump in a new home is one thing, but what happens when you need to replace your AC system, but your furnace or boiler is still working satisfactorily? We think it still makes sense to opt for a heat pump vs. replacement AC system. Yes, it will cost a little more upfront for installation. But, as we can demonstrate, the long-term utility bill savings will more than make up the difference. It's not a decision you need to make now, of course. But when the time comes to replace your heating or cooling system, ask Relief Heating and Cooling to tell you more about air source heat pumps.

Are these the highlights of your family conversations? If so, it's time for a game changer, where the game is indoor air pollution, and the changer is a whole-house air filtration system. It's the perfect solution for families with air ducts, since that's where the filter is installed. Working together with your heating and cooling systems, a whole-house air filter traps dirt, dust, and pollutants as they travel through your ducts. With the right system, up to 95% of air contaminants will never reach your living spaces.

You get the idea. But here's a better idea: why live with all that gunk inside your ducts, working their way into your living spaces from your furnace and AC fans, when you can simply have them removed? That's the whole idea of duct cleaning - clearing them of household pollutants from end to end.

You know that "thing" that comes around come summer that we all hate? Come on, you know. It's sticky, never seems to go away and, on really bad days, might even follow you indoors. That's right - it's called humidity! And yet, for all our complaining, come wintertime we're practically praying for more indoor humidity. That's because overly dry causes a host of problems. For more information or a free quote on the right size whole-house humidifier for your family's greater comfort, contact Relief Heating and Cooling today.

If you live in the Triad area, you've probably seen us around. That's because more and more of your friends and neighbors are learning to trust the Relief Heating and Cooling difference, which includes heating and cooling service sure to exceed your expectations. Like you, we don't just work in the Triad area - we live here, too. That's because we're locally owned and operated and responsible only to our customers and our own high set of standards. So, whatever you home heating, cooling, or indoor air quality need might be, trust Relief Heating and Cooling to get the job done to your complete satisfaction.

Well, indoor air also can be overly humid, especially with an aging central air system. So, if that sounds like your home but you're not ready for a new AC system, here's the next best thing - a whole-house dehumidifier expertly installed by Relief Heating and Cooling. To great an indoor atmosphere where you feel cool and comfortable all summer long, contact Relief Heating and Cooling today for a free whole-house dehumidifier explanation and proposal.

There's no comfort like how it feels to know your heating and cooling systems are well-maintained year after year and, as a result, far less likely to cause you any problems.

There's nothing fun about an air conditioning system that isn't working up to par - or perhaps not at all. It's even worse when your AC system calls it quits on the hottest and most humid day you can imagine. And while there's nothing we can do about the weather, Relief HVAC can do whatever it takes to restore cool, comfortable air to your home sweet home. At Relief Heating and Cooling, we service and repair virtually all makes and models of central air conditioning systems. That goes for ductless air systems, too.

What's new?

Have you heard of our New Install Referral Program? Receive a $100 gift card every time you refer a new install! Call Relief Heating and Cooling today with any questions about this offer at (336)-442-9278!

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A few ways Relief Heating and Cooling technicians help make your homes more comfortable is by: removing and installing HVAC systems, performing routine maintenance, and preserving the life expectancy of units. Call Relief today to make your home more comfortable at (336)-442-9278 !

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