While your car relies on gas for fuel, a full tank will do nothing for you if your battery no longer has enough juice to start your car. Your air conditioning or heat, radio, lights, and many other components in your car use your battery even when your engine is off. If you hear a whining sound when you try and start your car and can't get any of your lights to come on, a dead battery is likely the culprit. Mike's Tire and Service Center in Greensboro, NC can quickly check your battery and let you know if it is due for a change.

Your radiator serves an extremely important function in your vehicle. Your engine runs at extremely hot temperatures, which can be dangerous and result in overheating. Your radiator's job is to pump coolant throughout the engine to control its temperature and prevent any seals and gaskets from breaking, which would cause major oil leaks and heat parts of the car to the point of melting. You want to make sure that you schedule your vehicle for regular service and preventive maintenance, including checks on your radiator and switching out of coolants to make sure everything is running smoothly.

We took our truck to Mike's Tire & Service Center for a checkup before we got rid of the Honda and everything checked out great. We read reviews about Mike's Tire and Service center but were really BLOWN away by the customer service and honesty. We thought for sure our truck needed new breaks, but one of the guys called and informed us that they still had a lot of life left in them. These guys are honest, efficient and genuinely nice. We won't be going anywhere else for service. Highly recommended!

Friendly, fast, and fair! Couldn't ask for a better experience when needing my car problem diagnosed & fixed.

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Want to know if you really need to warm up the car engine before driving, even during the cold winter months?

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Call us today for new and rebuilt transmissions, wheel alignment, and more.

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Whenever and wherever you drive, it’s important to keep these top safety tips in mind so you can contribute to safer roadways for you and other drivers.

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We talk about it, fight over it, and wage online wars discussing how it stacks up from supercar to supercar, but do you actually know what horsepower is? Most think it’s what propels your car down the road, but that’s only fractionally correct.

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If you notice your vehicle starts to act up or you can tell something is wrong, call us today for auto repairs.

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Visit our website to learn more about our car engine repair services https://t.co/thu7xFVCUk.

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We provide superior repairs for both domestic and foreign automobiles. Call us to schedule your service.

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From routine oil changes to engine and transmission replacements, we do it all. Call us today.

Posted on Dec 10, 2020  •  Twitter

Rely on our mechanics for transmission services, brake repairs, and more. Contact us today.

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