Paneless Home Services is equipped with professional grade power washers that have adjustable pressure from 3000 to 4000 psi. Pressure washing uses high pressure and a low flow to deep clean very hard surfaces like concrete. It is important to use a trained professional with the proper equipment to avoid leaving lines that you can often see after a subpar power washing job. It is also important to use someone with the knowledge of what pressure can safely be used for different surfaces and have the ability to dial back the pressure when needed.

Ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone tiles have gained tremendous popularity in interior design, and like carpet, they too periodically need professional attention to maintain their original appearance. Traditional scrubbing and mopping are routine maintenance and will only remove surface dirt, not the dirt layered throughout the grout. If the floor in your home or business has started to look dingy and dull, Paneless can clean and seal the grout for maximum resistance to dirt and staining. Paneless' cleaning process begins with applying an alkaline grout treatment.

Unless specified, we trust our crew leaders to determine the best cleaning method to utilize for the specific conditions of your home. For safety, windows that are obstructed or very high may only be cleaned with a water-fed pole to keep our technicians protected. If heavy build up is present or with certain window styles and framework, cleaning by hand may be the best solution. We are equipped with specialty solutions for construction clean-ups, grease, and rust removals to conquer the toughest of window cleaning needs.

Hardwood floors give your home or business warmth and elegance that is inviting to all. Over time as dust, dirt, and even residue from mopping build up, the floor can become sticky and dull. Our hardwood floor deep cleaning can refresh and clean crevices a routine cleaning can't provide. Our first step is to provide a complimentary consultation to determine square footage and the current state of your hardwood floors. Unfortunately, the market is flooded with store bought cleaners and coatings that contain acrylics that can build up on your floor and require stripping to proceed with cleaning and or coating.

Natural stone floors or countertops can be a beautiful addition to any home or business. Over time tiny scratches, scuffs, dirt, and other build-up can make stone appear dingy and dull. You may also notice that the stone has lost its luster and light no longer reflects well in areas of heavy use. A regular cleaning will not take care of this, but Paneless can! We can restore its original appearance, as well as apply a protecting sealant that will ensure its beauty for years to come. Dull spots can be caused by microscopic scratches created by dirt or sand combined with friction moving along the surface.

Many factors go into keeping your business looking its best. While some of these things can easily be maintained there are several that cannot be cleaned without specialized equipment or skill set. Whether you have signs or awnings on your building that are too high to reach, calcium deposits, or just need routine window cleaning, Paneless can trim your to-do list and keep your business looking great. Our trained service professionals use special micro fiber washing wands to soak the window with our cleaning solution.

Carpet stains, dirty windows, dull marble? Paneless Home Services has the first-class products, high-end equipment and certified technicians to give your home the cleaning care it needs. Whether it be interior or exterior, our crews are eager to serve you. At Paneless Home Services we guarantee that you will be happy with every service! This is not a claim we take lightly. We check over our work after each cleaning, but we are human and our guarantee is in place for those "just in case" instances.

Paneless carries indoor scaffolding, telescopic extension poles, and ladders of all sizes to help with any dusting project. Below are the two most common scenarios but we have been enlisted to dust high ceilings and rafters in restaurants and warehouse facilities. This is a more aggressive approach involving the use of special cloths and tall poles to wipe dust from ceiling to floor. Most customers that take this approach are often wrapping up a remolding project, new construction, or simply ready for a deep spring cleaning.

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