You've just found them! Express Heating & Air is here to make even your worst problems disappear. Call today at (843) 754-8799 for competitive rates and fast response times in Summerville, SC and surrounding areas. When your HVAC system isn't working properly, you feel it. Arriving home after a long day at work should be something you look forward to. But this usually joyful moment can be ruined by opening the door and being greeted by hot air because your AC isn't working. Don't allow your cooling and heating problems to prevent you from being able to enjoy your home.

Looking for a reliable HVAC contractor? Express Heating & Air is here to service Summerville, SC and the surrounding areas. We take pride in being able to provide reliable, clean and same-day service to those residents who are experiencing trouble with their homes HVAC systems. Ever since 2008, we've been responding to calls from clients who need everything from having their heater serviced so they can bear the winters, to wanting to improve the air quality of their home through one of our many services.

Residents of Summerville and the surrounding area have been counting on Express Heating & Air since we first came up in 2008. We've established a good reputation with our clients that keeps them coming back and asking us for help whenever they have an issue with their homes HVAC systems. If you're curious to see what our customers have said about us, you can take a look at what some of our customers have said about our services here. Here in South Carolina we can experience some really hot months when we're not in the winter time.

Homeowners depend on their heaters and furnaces to function properly throughout the winter. However, these systems experience considerable wear over the hot summer months. Here at Express Heating & Air we can help your heaters and furnaces to operate at maximum efficiency to keep your home comfortable throughout the winter and help to prevent annoying breakdowns that can occur that can disrupt your household. If you're looking for HVAC services in Summerville, SC or any of the surrounding areas, look no further than Express.

Looking for a company that puts your needs first? Express Heating & Air is here to make sure your home's HVAC systems are working properly and reliably? Want to make sure your heater is ready for winter? We can schedule maintenance for you to make sure it won't let you down. Need someone to inspect your furnace? We'll make sure its repaired or replaced depending on what you need. You can count on us to get the job done right. Our main concern will never be how much money we can extract from you in a different number of ways.

Want to lower your cooling costs? Call (843) 754-8799 to learn more about installing a ductless mini split AC in your Summerville home! Keeping your home cool during the summertime months is incredibly important. It helps the house to feel more comfortable for your family throughout the hotter seasons of the year. If you are looking into replacing your current unit, you might want to consider the sheer benefits that come with ductless mini split AC units. These units are one of the most widely used because of the fact that they do not require any duct work or anything that might be invasive to your home.

Is your home's temperatures out of whack and unbalanced? Differing temperatures in the home can lead to climate changes that can actually end up making you sick. If you live in Summerville or any of the surrounding areas make sure you call Express Heating & Air. We can make sure your homes temperature or better regulated by installing a heat pump, or repairing your existing malfunctioning one. Call us for service in Summerville or any of the surrounding areas. Heat pumps work by pulling heat out of the air and ground and moving it to another location.

The furnace is one of the most important large appliances in the home. This is because it provides a very necessary source of heat that will keep those who live in the home safe and comfortable during the winter. Therefore, it is very important to make sure that the furnace is working properly at all times. If you want to get the best furnace maintenance in Summerville, SC then count on us at Express Heating & Air. The primary benefit is that when a problem is caught early enough with regards to a furnace, it is possible to keep it from becoming a large, expensive situation.

An air handler is a critical part of a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. It essentially takes all of the above components and combines them into one large device that will be able to either heat or cool the air, depending on what is needed. This is very helpful because it ensures that the temperature in a room or home is comfortable. If you're thinking of installing an air handler in your home, give Express Heating & Air a call. We've been helping the residents of Summerville, and the surrounding areas, solve their HVAC problems since 2008.

Your heating system keeps you warm during the cold winter months. It's a very important appliance. There are many problems that heaters can develop, so it's important to properly maintain your heating system and to make it more energy efficient. Here in Summerville, SC we can help you prevent problems from developing by making sure you get the proper repairs. How long a heater lasts will depend on a number of factors. Generally, the lifespan of a heater is about 15 years. However, if you have your heater properly maintained and take good care of it, it can last up to 20 years.

Have an air conditioning problem that you're dying to get rid of? Don't suffer a faulty unit any longer. Your neighbors have been trusting us with their AC maintenance and repair needs, it's time you gave us a call and see just why it is we've gained their trust. We can service any air conditioning system, repair whatever is wrong with it, or install a new unit if you need it. See exactly what your neighbors have been saying about us here. Your air conditioning system can experience many different issues that our company can take care of.

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