Since 2007, the professionals at Stay Cool Heating and Air have worked hard to help families in Summerville and the surrounding areas to keep their homes comfortable and their energy bills low. Our experienced Summerville heating & air conditioning technicians are expertly trained in comfort system troubleshooting, repair, and installation. Every member of our Summerville Air Conditioning Company is dedicated to providing the best service possible at a reasonable price. That dedication is apparent in our track record of superior workmanship and unmatched customer service.

Your home's heating and air conditioning system is a critical part of the entire structure. It is one of the aspects of the modern age that separates us as a civilization from our primitive ancestors. No longer must we contend with the harsh elements affecting our health and comfort. Given the importance of this system, it is necessary any Summerville area homeowner have access to a competent and qualified Summerville heating and air conditioning professional for any service they may require. Stay Cool Heating and Air are just the experts in Summerville for the job.

There aren't many worse feelings than coming home in the dead of summer, after battling 90-degree weather, anxiously anticipating the relieving shock of cool air from you're A/C, only to discover your house is as hot as the outside. When the air conditioner breaks down, it is inconvenient at best, and everyone in the household will be restless, sweaty, and uncomfortable. That is when you need fast air conditioning repairs. Don't worry, Stay Cool Heating and Air, your Summerville Air Conditioning Company is here to help.

Having a functional, reliable air conditioner is absolutely necessary for any household in Summerville. South of the Mason Dixon, the summers get hot and there is no reprieve other than the cool conditioned air from a quality A/C. At some point in every homeowner's life, there will come a time when a new air conditioner is needed. Whether it is a replacement for an old, worn A/C, or it is for a new construction or home addition, when you need a quality unit, our Summerville Air Conditioning Company are the experts to call.

Your air conditioner, like most of your Summerville home's major systems, is an expensive but vital piece of equipment. Like a car, it has many mechanical parts and requires proper maintenance to run smoothly. Neglecting this maintenance can lead to unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs. The most effective way to keep your air conditioner working at peak levels while extending its lifespan is to have regular tune-ups performed by the Summerville Air Conditioning Company experts at Stay Cool Heating and Air.

Heat pumps are growing in popularity for Summerville homes because of their energy efficiency. Heat takes far more energy to generate than it does to displace, which is what a heat pump does. One of the most attractive features of the heat pump is its ability to facilitate both heating and cooling. While heat pumps may have a number of advantages to boast, they are not immune from component failure. After several harsh Summerville winters, it is inevitable that you'll experience a malfunction at some point.

If you are a homeowner, at some point you'll likely need to have a heating system installed. Whether it is a replacement for your old, worn system, or you need one for a home addition or a new construction; it is important that your new system is installed correctly. Regardless of the quality of your heater, the system itself will only perform as good as its installation. The majority of repairs early on are a result of improper installation, so having a quality heating system installer is crucial.

During the cold Carolina winters, a properly functioning heating system is absolutely crucial. Your heater keeps you warm and cozy, but also helps protect you from illness. After a few winters of constantly burning fuel to keep your entire household warm, you may experience component failure. When your heating system no longer produces the warm air you rely on, you need a heating professional's help. Stay Cool Heating and Air are the right experts for the job. We have proudly provided residents with fast and effective Summerville Heating Repairs since 2007.

Your heating system is incredibly important to your comfort as well as your health. As an integral aspect of your comfort system, it is necessary that you have a heating system that runs smoothly and effectively. It is also crucial to have a reliable and qualified Summerville Heating Services you can count on when you need service. Stay Cool Heating and Air are the right experts for the job. We have proudly served Summerville residents with quality heating services since 2007. Our Summerville Air Conditioning Company technicians are professionally trained and possess the proper specialized tools and skills necessary to see to all of your heating needs.

It can get brutally hot in the south and that is why the air conditioner is such a precious and valuable system. When temperatures top off above 90 degrees during the summer, the cool air of the A/C is your only reprieve. It is crucial your air conditioner can handle pumping out cool air day in and day out, season after season. To ensure you're A/C runs the way it should for as long as possible, you need a certified Summerville Air Conditioning Company you can rely on. Stay Cool Heating and Air is here for you.

While many older heating systems are boilers, they are making a modern comeback. Boilers are an attractive system because it takes less energy to heat water and they don't often require ductwork like a forced-air system. If you rely on a boiler for your heat, you are probably pleased with the way it operates. The interesting thing about boilers is, because they use heat transfer from water, understanding the way they operate often requires both heating system knowledge as well as plumbing knowledge.

The furnace is a common and popular heating system for Summerville homes. Furnaces are complex machines that provide a simple outcome; they heat air that gets circulated throughout your home. It takes specialized training to be able to understand the inner workings of a furnace. At Stay Cool Heating and Air, we have a team of Summerville Furnace Repairs experts that have been trained to service both gas-powered and electric furnaces from all major brands. We can keep your furnace working hard for you.

It can get extremely cold during the winter in Summerville. During that time, furnaces are working overtime to keep families warm and cozy. Like anything else, your furnace has a lifespan and while proper maintenance can extend that timeframe into decades, eventually it will need to be replaced. When the time comes for a new furnace, you want something quality, energy-efficient, but most importantly, installed properly. The majority of short term furnace repair issues are a direct result of improper or careless installation.

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This company has gone above and beyond to make sure my loved ones can enjoy the comfort of cold air during the hot summer. Highly recommended for your heating and AC needs!!

Posted on Jul 02, 2018  •  Facebook

Give us a call for all your cooling needs this summer. 819-5392

Posted on May 24, 2018  •  Facebook

Emily Spain 11 points 11 hours ago I called Stay Cool at 8:30pm and Will was at my house and had the AC repaired by 9pm so my baby could sleep comfortably! He was friendly and professional, I've never had such a great experience with something as frustrating as AC issues!

Posted on May 24, 2018  •  Facebook

Each time we've called Will with Stay Heating and Air, we get outstanding, honest , reasonable and professional service. My husband and I are so impressed with Will's honesty and knowledge, that we are customers for life. You won't find a better A/C or Heating company in the low country. They're the BEST....

Posted on Mar 31, 2018  •  Facebook

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